Tuesday, March 4, 2014

filled with an overwhelming sense of joy and happiness right now.

It was a lot of fun talking to you more often :) I'm excited to see you this friday and I'm fine with going to my party by myself. I'm so excited to see Jessica! I love my cousin so much!!! You should tell her that.
Jury duty sounds pretty tough. I guess I'll find out eventually!

I'm so excited to go to the temple!!! I love the temple!!! Lets do exactly what you said Saturday morning! I know I'll be a little tired but I'll be fine.

This last week was a lot of fun :) I got to bear testimony in my old ward and it was fun seeing lots of friends and people I love. We also had a lot of miracles last week. We had a person call us and let us know he wants to hear the gospel. He heard the sister missionaries talking about the purpose of life in his restaurant and he got interested. He is amazing and really wants to find forgiveness through Christ. When we teach him you can feel the Spirit and know that he is accepting what we're saying. You really can feel when people accept the gospel. The Spirit comes so strongly. That's why I love testifying at church :) (Alma 7:17).

Hakodate has had so many miracles and now I get to see more over the next couple days back in my old areas! I'm so excited!!! I've loved every minute of my mission. I am just filled with an overwhelming sense of joy and happiness right now. I'm excited for all that's ahead of me as well. Thank you so much for your support and prayers and love!

I'll see you all soon!!!

Love you! Bye Bye!!!

Elder Mitchell Perry Sotto