Thursday, December 26, 2013

picture of Christs manger..."The First King Size Bed"

Thank you so much for reminding me about my blessing dad! I haven't thought about that in a long time! It's easy to let your focus change over time. Thank you so much!

The snow here is extremely late, but today and yesterday it's been snowing a lot non-stop! When it snows it snows a lot. I slipped yesterday and fell pretty hard, but that's winter dendo (missionary work) for you! :P I'm completely fine.

I hope you all have a great Christmas! Take pictures and let me know how everything goes when you call! I'm really excited for the call :) It's been too long. And then I'll get to talk to you face to face soon enough! Until then I'll just keep on working hard :) And after...I'll just keep on working hard :P 
I'm so grateful to be able to work! There are so many older people in Japan and it's hard for them to work a lot. But that gives us a chance to help them shovel snow :) 
Japanese people are so funny though! They won't let you help them do anything! In order to help them shovel snow and stuff you just have to say "hey! What's that in your hand? (pointing at the shovel) Can I see it?" If you say that they're like "oh ya. sure!" And then you take the shovel and just start shoveling :P If you ask to help they say "no no no no no!" But they're very grateful when you take their shovels and just start shoveling :P 

The world is truly getting to be like that ね! It's all about money! But it's always really refreshing to meet genuinely good people who want to do good things and help others. There are still lots out there!

So this week was awesome!

Our church's reformation stuff got finished and we got to go to it this sunday! It was beautiful! It looks like a completely different building! It looks like a temple! And the inside has heated floors for my poor cold feet :P
I got to sing twice for a baptismal service and in sacrament meeting and it was great :) We sang I like to look for Rainbows (Baptism/Children's song) and Hark the Herald Angels Sing.

We had the Messiah Concert Practice for the last time last night and it was great! I'm excited to sing on Saturday! You can probably find a lot of stuff about it on Facebook if you want.

We have been making a greater effort to contact more people and we've been meeting lots of great people! We met two who mentioned a lot of interest in Baptism and we meet another one today!
We're also going to a 5 story Daiso today! Daiso is like a dollar store.

...honestly I can't remember anything else. 

But during my personal study this week I was a little frustrated and so I tried to find the source of my frustration. I realized that my expectations and God's expectations and thoughts were different. I realized that often when we're frustrated with something in the gospel it's because of a misunderstanding. What we think we should be doing is different from what God thinks probably...I can't really explain myself but it was a good personal study :P

Alright, well that's all that I can think of for this week.

I would just end with a small fun joke. I saw a picture of Christs manger today and it had some very great words written above it...It said, "The First King Size Bed" :P
And with that thought, I wish you a Merry Christmas!!! :P Just kidding. A slightly better thought is the calm of that night that Christ was born and they thoughts of all those watching and even Christ himself. I hope that everyone has a great Christmas :)

I love you!
Talk to you Wednesday/Tuesday!

Elder Mitchell Perry Sotto

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

#4-How the Spirit fills the room when children sing (even when they're not on pitch :P).

I didn't really understand a lot of the talks about your missionary life before the mission because I couldn't imagine the real life of a missionary until now. It's so different from what I thought! I have been humbled and lifted up to a much more God like way of thinking. There are too many changes to even believe! I'm so grateful for the opportunity to be out here. All of the stories you told me before the mission have really stuck in my head though. I think about your's and dad's stories all the time now. Thank you for being such a wonderful example to me and going out on a mission when you were younger. I'm glad to say that my parents were both missionaries for the Lord :) It's fun.
It's really weird thinking that it will eventually come to an end though, the lifestyle I'm living right now. I guess I'll just keep taking the days one by one and doing my best every day! Sore shika nai! (That's all I can do!).
You got the letter from Sister Oda! yay! She is such an amazing help to the missionaries. She's great. After she sent the letter she asked me to correct the mistakes in it for her so I got to see it too :) The ward I'm in right now is fantastic. I've been here for longer than most missionaries are in any area and I'm so blessed to be here!
We've been meeting in a far away church building while ours is under renovation, but we got news yesterday that we will be able to go back to it this next sunday! Yay!!! And I've been asked to sing with some other missionaries at a baptismal service and during sacrament meeting! I'm really excited :) And it's Christmas Music! I love Christmas Music!!! I would pick Christmas hymns all year round if I had the choice :P
I guess the new building has heated floors as well! I'm so excited =D No more cold feet!
I'm glad the Christmas Party went well! We had ours 2 days ago and it was fantastic! I've never seen such a great party before in Japan. So many people came! And there was a high school band that played for us and they were sooooo good. It truly was amazing. The church is getting so much stronger in Japan thanks to all the great leaders and members and especially the returning missionaries with fire. I'm excited to see the growth of Japan 30 years down the road when all of my companion's kids start going on missions. It'll be like double the number of Japanese people! =D The Church in Japan has a bright future ahead of it.
The Day after the Christmas Party we had the Primary Christmas Program and I never ceased to be amazed at a few things:
1-How adorable little Japanese kids are.
2-How loud 4-8 year olds can sing.
3-How amazingly patient and loving the teachers are.
and 4-How the Spirit fills the room when children sing (even when they're not on pitch :P).
We're still going to practice every sunday for the Handel's Messiah Concert coming up on the 28th of December.
Oh! We had a cool story this week!
So we had a blizzard on friday and we had planned to go visit an investigator we hadn't seen in a long time later in the night to invite him to the Christmas party...but there was a blizzard! So we started hiking up this huge hill that he lives on (it takes like 30 minutes to hike up to and we had never been there before) and the storm was pretty bad. So we prayed to see if we should go up, and we felt like we should. So we hike up the 30 minutes and start searching for his address at the very tip top of the hill...and the block he lives on doesn't exist...We were pretty komatta (in trouble). But we felt like we should go up there so we prayed again and asked that we would be able to find the house somehow. After we got done praying there was a high school girl just standing in the road behind us looking at us so we went up and asked her if she happend to know where our friend's house was...and she did! Then she walked us about 5 minutes back down the hill and showed us to his house. Also Earlier that day I felt like I should buy 2 pieces of delicious bread at the bread shop. I ate one earlier in the day and I was able to give one to her after she helped us. It was such a blessing! We told her she was an answer to our prayer as well and she just smiled and walked back up the hill to go home. After that we didn't get to meet the investigator but we met his mom and another person from Tailand doing a home stay in Japan and had great talks with them =) It was fun.
So, God really answers prayers and knows our needs from the beginning. If we will just ask in faith I know that God will lead us where we need to be :)
The last really interesting thing is just that on transfer day last week all of the missionaries gathered together and did a big music practice (106 missionaries were there!). That was fun :)
And we went to the Chocolate Factory in Miyanosawa/Kotoni last P-day and it was like Willy Wonka's chocolate Factory! Way fun :)
Alright...that's about all for this week! I'll talk to you next week! For real! Yay!!!
Love you!
Bye Bye!!!
Elder Very Tall  Sotto =D
P.S. No matter how long you're in Japan, you still hit your head occassionally. I'm getting better at dogding the door phrames that pop out of nowhere though :P

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

I love the guidance of the Spirit!!!

Wow! Idaho sounds cold! It's been about -4 to 7 degrees lately.  The Snow is really slow ( say slow in japanese :P) too. It still hasn't stuck!
Thanks for the Christmas presents and everything! The gloves are doing me great good dad :) It did say in the warning that people with bad circulation shouldn't use them so that caught my attention but I'll keep using them!
I know! The time is going by so fast! Our transfers are this thursday and then I only have two more left! So weird!
I heard about Andrew and James and their predicament as well.
So my week has been good :) I can't think of a ton of experiences, but we met a lot of good investigators!
One good experience. We have an investigator that wants to believe but thinks he can't believe in God. So unplanned we read Alma 32: 26-28 and when he read it he's like..."ya...I need to plant a seed to know if this is true or not...I need to test this out. I promise that I'll read the Book of Mormon eagerly from now on."...It was awesome! We didn't plan it or anything, but God told us what we should share with him and it stuck in his heart! I love the guidance of the Spirit!!!
And that's about it I think. Sorry it's so short! But I'll call you in a couple weeks!
I love you so much!
bye Bye!!!

Elder Sotto =D

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

I still have a lot of fire, but I'll admit that I'm pretty tired

We don't see many of those lantern things here in Hokkaido...or maybe we do but I don't look around much. I'll look more this new years!
I'll give my goals a good look :) I got the Thanksgiving/Christmas Present! Thank you sooooooooooooooooo much!!! It's so useful! My hands are finally warm! 
I guess I'm something called Hiesho (someone with bad circulation) so I have shimoyake (a premature form of frostbite) on my toes. They are red and swollen up a little and they were last year too. Even when I am in boots or have foot warmers my feet are cold. But I'm doing my best to keep them really warm! And It's not really too bad. So don't worry about me!
I also ate my turkey dinner with potatoes and gravy and olives today for lunch and it was amazing!!! Thank you so much! I'll send a picture.
I'm going to try to send home a box as week maybe? But be expecting one!
New Missionaries are amazing...I still have a lot of fire, but I'll admit that I'm pretty tired :P haha. My New Missionary Companion is amazing. He's too exciting for me sometimes and I just stop talking because I don't know what to say :P But if they could get that experience and fire together, it would be something great!
Church and camp and everything sounds crazy! I'm excited to see it all! I'm especially excited to see my own family though :) That's the most exciting thing =D
So this week was really good! We met a chinese guy on saturday and he came to church on sunday and he had a great time! He wants to keep coming and we're so excited to start teaching him!
We also got preached to by two different investigators from two different religions for quite a while. We then got to talk to them about the Restoration! It was amazing to me that they had all of these arguements for why what we were saying was false, but when we testified all they could do was be puzzled. When we bear testimony there is no way we can fail. Even if they don't accept what we say. The power of testimony :)
That's about all that I can remember that sticks out.
Ya! So I'll talk to you next week!
I love you!
Bye Bye!!!
Elder Mitchell Perry Sotto

Monday, November 25, 2013

God is our loving Heavenly Father in my own language!

200 new members! That's so cool! I'm so excited to meet everyone! I know the Halls and the Lindseys and of course the Bassets. How fun! Tell everyone hello for me and let them know that I'm truly loving my mission!
Wish Collette good luck for me!
I did get the Halloween package and I'm looking forward to the Thanksgiving one! Thank you so much for keeping in touch with me and taking the time to send me things. I'll try my best to get a Christmas package sent home! I'm really bad at sending things, but I'll do my best!
Thanks for the Japanese article dad! I am very happy to inform you that I knew exactly how to use the things it was talking about! I feel so fond of this language now. I want to master it!
So for my week, it was crazy! So many miracles!
We don't have any really strong investigators right now, but we've found a lot of cool people this week who have a lot of potential to become new investigators. Our schedule is packed next week!
So for the Miracles:
We had an appointment with an investigator and he spoked us (didn't show up) and we don't have his number or address so there wasn't much hope of meeting him again. But we decided to show some faith and pray to meet him again and planned to go back to the place where we found him on the street in a week. So we went back on that day to look for him and he was there! Just standing there! It was awesome! God really does answer prayers!
Another one, we met a guy a couple weeks ago who was a little busy and couldn't meet, but we traded numbers with him and gave him a pamphlet about Joseph Smith and he called us up 2 days ago and said that he was really impressed with Joseph Smith's story and he wants to try out being a Mormon Christian :P We're meeting him again this wednesday :)
We also met an American up the side of the mountain in the middle of nature and he was so much fun to talk to! He has some problems with religion but he said he would listen to our message when he has time :) It felt so good to bear testimony that God is our loving Heavenly Father in my own language!
Now for the Awkward Moments:
We went to an Eikaiwa (English Conversation Class) student's house and when she answered on the interphone she said "Elder Sotto! Are you Genki (doing well)? I'm naked!..." She was very excited to tell us in English she had just gotten out of the bath.
I thought that might give you a laugh dad :P Japanese people really want to practice their English.
Ok, well that's about all for this week I think. I think if you were to send anything for Christmas I would love to eat Peanut Butter Captain Crunch. I miss it so much!!! That's all that I can think of :) If you want anything from here let me know!
Alright! That's all for this week! Love you so much! Talk to you later!
Bye Bye!!!

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

I can't blame them, it is catchy music!

Christmas! Christmas!!! I'm so excited!!!!
I go into stores here in Japan and hear Christmas music about Christ and his Divinity and I have to laugh a little because hardly anyone believes or understands in Christ. But I can't blame them, it is catchy music!

Things just keep changing don't they! It never stops. But that's a good thing :) I'm excited to see everything back at home!
Thanks for the insights dad. It's so true. I've found that most of my problems come from my lack of patience or my pride...or both.

I saw a picture of Kellie and her family standing in front of the tree and I remembered the good times we had too :) I want to go back!
Actually, Natalie was huge in the picture I saw! I was so surprised! I can't believe it! 

Christmas...Christmas...Dou Shiyou (what do I do...)? I don't know what I want! But I'll think about it for next week and tell you if I have anything then!
On the other hand, what do all the kids and everyone (including you Mom and Dad!) want for Christmas? Anything from Japan? I'm terrible at spending money so I don't really buy anything! But if anyone want's anything Japanesey let me know!

Thanks for telling me all about your week! Now for mine!

So this week!

We ate Indian Curry again! It's probably one of my favorite foods. I love Nan! (the giant Indian bread).

Also...Well I'm a little embarrassed, but I went to the Pokemon Center in Sapporo with my companion :P But it was fun!
We have practice every Sunday for the Messiah Concert we're doing the 28th of December. So I've been singing in a chanto shita (...real?) Choir! Its fun :) 

And dealing with Dendo, we found some really cool people this week. We were helping a member that recently returned to church move and we got a call from someone we met on the street saying he wanted to hear a little bit of our message that we said OK! And he brought his friend! He is pretty passionate about his Buddhist beliefs as well, but he heard us out a little.

We were also able to be guided to a less active member that had a really bad day and be there at just the right time to talk to her and let her know that she is loved by her Heavenly Father. It amazes me how we are guided to the people we should talk to at just the right time. We felt like we should give her a visit that day and it just happened to be the perfect timing! Coincidence? I think not ;)

Well, that's about all. I'll talk to you next week! 
Love you!

Elder Sotto

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

I'm learning lots of new words that the(american) kids say now a days ;)

I've seen the hand of the Lord in my life so much lately. Our investigator actually got baptized and confirmed Saturday and Sunday! It's amazing to me how our actions don't change too much but people who are prepared and hear God's call make the whole teaching atmosphere different. We teach the same things but when people accept the Spirit really comes.
No Hawaii!!! Ok :) I'm not surprised actually. I feel like Idaho is a place that needs you dad. It's hard to explain, but I think of the leaders of our mission and other leaders and 70's and our mission president and I picture my dad as very similar. I feel like you are a leader where you are standing right now. I don't know what plans God has for the future but I see you being a leader in the area that you are. I don't know how that makes you feel, but it's just a thought I had. P.S. I tell lots of friends about you going from the military to the boy scouts and why and your cool stories and everyone thinks my dad is awesome and they want to meet him :P haha. 
And I love Idaho! So I'm happy either way :)
Thank you for your advice dad! I actually thought about that when I became a DL. But I thought about all the experiences you've had (going from District President to other positions and now bishop) and I thought it must be similar. I've seen it happen with members of the 70 here becoming mission presidents or something else. I also know a man that was in 7 mission presidencies and is now a Deacon's quorum leader. I have so many good examples in my life and I'm so excited to be a District Leader. It's a completely different feel especially since I'm working with a very inexperienced Elder, but I have so much respect for those who have the same experiences. 
I never realized how powerful experience is. Those who have experience are amazing people in my mind. I would say that you are one of the greatest examples I have dad :) Mom and my sisters choosing to put aside their other dreams and become mothers is amazing to me as well. The people in my family are truly leaders and amazing in my eyes. I can't really express my feelings on this, but I want my family to know that I love and respect you more than anyone I know. I love you =D
Some of the best advice I heard from another respected missionary friend of mine is "Always picture yourself at your 10th transfer (the middle of your mission). You're not rushed for time and you're not new."

We heard a talk from two members of the 70 recently in a Stake Conference and it was so cool watching them switch off teaching and working together. It made me think of my workshops as a Zone Leader. I'm excited to help the church in the future as well!
So fun things this week:
We worked at the church helping the construction workers take apart big cargo boxes in the snow and mud for 2 hours! Way fun :)
We had a baptism! And we're going to continue to find more people who want to :)
And my companion is awesome! He says the funniest things ever! I don't understand his english most of the time but I'm learning lots of new words that the kids say now a days ;)

And that's about all for this week! Talk to you soon!
P.S. It's snowing...happy face :)

Monday, November 4, 2013

The bread of life has no crust.

That Boy Scout event looks really awesome! Thanks for sending the pictures!
So I was thinking about Hawaii and I could definitely see myself going to school there too. It would allow me to keep my japanese up and stay in touch with friends from japan.
I went to a stake meeting yesterday and the day before and I got really sad at the thought that I would have to leave this stake that I love so much! I am really glad that I am able to play a part in the strengthening of it.
So if you decide to go I'm all for it!
So this is really random but I really want to go visit my sisters after I get back! :P I miss them!
So this week we had transfer calls and...I am staying in Moiwa! I've been there really long! But I went back to being a district leader and my new companion is a Green Bean! He is from Texas and he never stops talking :P He's really funny and ready to go out and do work. He's a great companion. I'm excited to be his trainer!
I was a little worried being with an American companion again because no matter what you do sometimes you just don't understand what people are saying, but the Lord has really blessed us to find people who might listen to our message.
I'm just constantly amazed at the miracles the Lord has been blessing us with. It just never ends! As we keep ourselves worthy and try to do good things God moves His work forward.
My bean (new missionary) is really funny. He says the most random things in the world. This week in our apartment we've heard these things:
The bread of life has no crust.
I had my first fart in Japan! This is history!
I'm in Japan! (60 times a day)
Look at that dog! It's soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo cute!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (He loves dogs)
He's a great companion :) I'm excited for the coming weeks!
If you have any questions about anything just let me know! I gotta go now so I'll talk to you later!
Love you!
Bye Bye!!!
Elder Sotto

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

JAL: Apparently From Alaska to Utah to Hawaii is called Route "Joseph" and the way back is call "Smith"

Dear Family,I  Went up the ropeway for Mt. Moiwa Today and met a guy from Hawaii! I asked him in Japanese to take our picture and he was like "Hey, I don speak japanese man." haha. It was really weird hearing a hawaiin accent :P haha. His nephew is a bishop in Hawaii. He's not a member though.
  I've actually been thinking it would be fun to go to BYU Hawaii! I don't know if I actually want to but I can see myself going!  I would still have to do one semester is Provo I think though. I just need to choose a path and study and work hard. Don't worry about me. Nantoka naru desho (Things will work out!)

Thanks for your story mom! I really have felt the power of prayer lately too.
But the think I've felt the most lately is the power of the Priesthood. God truly speaks and works through us to bless his children and it's amazing to me that we are counted worthy to hold his priesthood.

I don't have a ton of time because I have a Baptismal interview to do soon! It's the friend of someone who recently got baptized and he wants to get baptized too :) It's great!

I'll tell you the coolest thing I heard this week.

So we found an less active memeber that works at the airport and apparently the airports uses a lot of church words for routs. Apparently From Alaska to Utah to Hawaii is called Route "Joseph" and the way back is call "Smith" :P Also, There is one called Monson and Mormon as well. The lights on the flight line are called the 12 apostles and there are a ton of other. Landing is called Laman  and take off is called Lemuel! It was so cool hearing all of this! This less active member was really active in sharing the gospel as well haha. What a cool guy.

Ok, well I gotta go! I'll talk to you again next week! I may be transfered by then! 

Love you! Bye Bye!!!!

Elder Sotto!

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

"Wow, God sent a whole typhoon so that we could meet that one person!"

'm glad I get to write you every week too! It's nice the technology we have here.
Oh no! Are you ok mom? Take care of yourself!

So this week was great!
I was on splits with a brand new missionary and we had a typhoon and it was raining like crazy! But we went out searching for a referral that was a little bit up Moiwa Mountain. When we got there no one was home and so we just stood there on the porch for a second looking at the rain and a guy came buy and asked us what we were doing. We told him and he said the person in the house we were at had moved. But he invited us in to warm up and told us that the real reason he invited us in was because he thought it would be a good chance to hear about God...Wow! He gave us yogurt and we talked about Joseph Smith and the Restoration and made a return appointment. Afterwards my temporary companion said "Wow, God sent a whole typhoon so that we could meet that one person!" =D apparently he had been visited by missionaries and turned them down before but because we looked cold he let us in :) great day.

We've also been meeting frequently with our grandmother investigator that is getting baptized in 2 weeks and she's progressing nicely with a new gained hope for the future.

The time is flying by so fast here! It's weird to think that me and my doki (people who came to japan at the same time) are the leaders of the mission now. It's really fun though. We had an inter-zone conference last week and taught a workshop on basic finding for everyone. There are so many young missionaries!  But it was really fun :) I'm learning so much!

We have a lot of handwarmers in Hokkaido. They call the Kairo. We have a ton! And we used them all last winter :) I might go buy a small pair of liner gloves soon though. It's gotten pretty cold.

Someone reminded me that scholarships may start soon and I'm not sure when, but I'm allowed to do that kind of stuff on P-day if there is anything. If you could give that a look for me I would be grateful! 
You're already preparing for camp next year? Wow. That's pretty fast! Is there a spot for me? :P 

Alright, well I'll talk to you again next week! 
Love you! Bye Bye!

Elder Sotto (Tall and less and less skinny everyday :P I'm doing lots of push ups!)

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Burger King Japan’s newest hamburger is a black ninja with a bacon tongue

Oh dad :P  I had to read the article this time haha. There is one burger king in an area close to our area and I told the elders in that area about it so they're going to go :P(

Burger King Japan’s newest hamburger is a black ninja with a bacon tongue

Ok. so this week's miracle was yesterday. It was amazing!
Our investigator came to General Conference with like 4 members and they were always with her so we didn't see her much, but she went to conference. That night we felt I thought "Lets call Iwasaki san and ask her what she thought about conference." apparently right at that time she had been thinking that she wanted to tell someone about the feelings she felt at conference so when we called she opened her heart up to us. She felt the Spirit very strongly and said the path to truly living was opened up to her eyes. She hasn't had hope for the future for about 20 years but she felt so much hope at Conference. She's getting baptized next month :)
We also had 3 other less active members come to conference and it was wonderuful!
Conference was great!
I have a lot of new goals for things I want to work on as well.
But a feeling I felt at conference was that I'm very glad this work doesn't end after my mission is over :) I'm very excited for the future :)
Alright, well I'll talk to you next week!
Love you Bye!!!
Elder Mitchell Perry Sotto

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

He asks me to teach him songs for different weather times. So I taught him "Rain Drops keep falling on my head" :)

Winter has...started kana? (maybe)? It's been pretty cold for the past month or so and it keeps getting colder. We've gone to long sleeve shirts and suits and I bought thin gloves at the store today.

It rains quite a bit here but lately it's just getting colder.

My companion is a Japanese Elder from Nagoya! We've been together for two transfers as ZLs. He is such a good companion! I love him :) He asks me to teach him songs for different weather times. So I taught him "Rain Drops keep falling on my head" :)

He really helps me to widen my vision and see things from different perspectives. He helps me to remember to be humble :) I run into things 100% without thinking very hard sometimes and he is a very deep thinker. We balance each other out well :)

This weeks personal study has been focused on more deeply understanding the Fall of Adam and Eve and the Atonement of Jesus Christ. It's been awesome! I spent the past 3 days studying 2 Nephi 2:11-13 and I really understand it for the first time! It is soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo cool!!!! It's pretty deep too. I wrote like 10 pages of my thoughts on those 3 verses =P And I will definitely use my time a little more wisely for my study next week :P

Favorite meal was definitely...Katsudon :) I loooooooove katsudon. It's rice with onions and tonkatsu meat and egg on top. It's unbelievable. I don't know what I'm gonna do when I get back to America. If they don't have katsudon somewhere I might die! :P

Favorite we have this fun little old lady investigator that is really funny. We compliment her and she shuts us down so fast haha. "that's a really nice vase you have" "There's nothing nice about this vase! what are you two boys talking about..." :P haha. She is definitely the funnest person to meet with. She is praying and reading the Book of Mormon and progressing really well.

We listen to conference this coming weekend and we have a less active member and an investigator coming! I'll keep my ears opened for president Uctdorf's talk!

I love being a Zone Leader here and I love being a missionary! It's so fun being out here and it's quite the learning experience.

Thank you for asking me questions! It helps me remember the week!

Thanks for all the news as well :) I'm in the Honbu right now emailing and we don't have a ton of time here so I honestly am not really reading the articles dear father. I love reading your stories and experiences and things you learn though :)

Mata raishu! (Talk to you next week!)

I love you!

Elder Sotto