Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Oh I miss Lisa! And Ari! And Mary! And even Daniel! Great friends :) I miss the boating and the place and the atmosphere. The thought of camp is so nazukashii!


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Hello Family! This week has been so crazy! I've seen more miracles than I can even remember! (mostly because I left my journal at the apartment) But I'm going to try my best to remember them!
First of all replies:
Mom! I love saying that! MOM!! Do you miss me saying that really loud asking for toast? I have toast like everyday haha. As much as possible :) Your job sounds really fun! i hope you're enjoying it! It's too bad you don't get to visit dad, but soon enough!
Oh I miss Lisa! And Ari! And Mary! And even Daniel! Great friends :) I miss the boating and the place and the atmosphere. The thought of camp is so nazukashii! I love how Japanese has that word! We don't really have that word in america, or doki. It's quite benri (useful). It's weird how the language just starts coming after a while. It's quite fun! I miss it but I wouldn't skip the opportunity I have for the world :) I'll tell you some experiences soon.
Dad! Thank you so much for those counters! I have so much trouble with counters! Zen Zen Wakarimasen! But I'm glad I can learn :) Thank you! I have a good one for you! Ura Niwa Niwa Niwa Niwa Niwa Niwa Niwatori ga aru (There's two chickens in the back yard and two chickens in the garden). Soshite, Sumomo mo momo mo momo no uchi (plums and peaches are both peaches). My Nihonjin tomodachi just taught me after I showed him yours haha. So funny! Really weird :P
I love learning and going deep into stuff like that. It's so interesting! I'm not sure it always helps me with my investigators questions though :P At the top of my journal I'm writing questions I want to go deeper into after my mission haha. I reallly really love seeing the wonders of the scriptures. Having them unfold themselves to me. The Spirit really connects everything together after a while and as we consistently study. Things all come flooding back to memory. But yes! AFter the mission I'm excited to talk about all these questions with you! The most recent was about Alma 40:11 and about us going back "home to that God who gave us life." I wonder what that means because of a lot of things and the Plan of Salvation. Anyways, for the week!
This Week:
I wish I had brought my journal! But I'll do my best.
Funniest moment:
When you're biking full spead down the sidewalk and a car pulls out all of a sudden and your breaks aren't fast enough to stop you haha. Amazingly the car didn't have a scratch, my bike was great, and I'm quite dandy :) There may have been some smudge marks on the drivers window from my face though :P
Amazing Moments!
There were too many to count! We had an investigator who stoked us and we haven't seen him for about a month and we saw him the other day and he wants to hear the lessons again! He didn't see why he needed the gospel and now he thinks he might need it so we'll be working with him! We found him while we were fasting too! I have a way stronger testimony of fasting now. It has changed my seikatsu (everyday life) here. Miracles come from fasting and prayer.
We also have a friend from some other missionaries that is turning out to be wonderful. He wants to get an answer about the Book of Mormon and he's read the whole thing plus 1/2. We're really trying to help him do that now. I've been thinking about him so much and I'm always so happy that God blesses my mind with revelation for how to help him during my studies.
Also, Asai and Yanez choro (same apartment elders) their friend got an answer to his prayers about the Book of Mormon and their story was amazing! The Spirit guided everyone! The Lord really is working \with this people and Japan is going to see great joy :)
Other than that we just have been learning a lot and doing our best!
Tell everyone at camp that I love them all and miss them! Tell Hannah and Liz I wish i could see their skit! Have them record it and I'll watch it when i get home! A little ways aaway, but I'm sure it will still be funny in two years :P Also, ask Hannah how her pinky is doing. She got it stepped on by an ice skate a while back...partly my fault...Tonikaku!
Make sure everyone learns to make the best of the situation they're in. Learning to be happy in every position is so hard but it is such an important skill to learn! I've never been so worked in my life, but I'm loving it with the Lords help. The funniest thing is the times when I'm the happiest is when I'm thinking of others. What a great work :)
Well, I'm off to make some Nan (I have a good joke that I used at an Indian Curry restaurant: "Kore wa Nan desu ka? Hai, Nan desu" Get it? haha. For mom's sake, here's the interpretation. The bread is called Nan but Nan in Japanese means "what" so I'm asking "Is this Nan?" but it sounds like "What is this?" hahaha. :P
Alright, I'm off! I love you all! I'm praying for you! And don't worry! I'm safe and seeing more miracles than I ever expected everyday :) God lives and He is leading this work. I'm so grateful He's allowing me to help :) I love you! Bye Bye!

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