Monday, August 13, 2012

I hope the thought of that puts a smile on the face of everyone who hears. I know it makes me smile...See!--------->=D haha.

Hello everyone! I have a lot of stuff I want to talk about so I`m going to get right to that.
So this week was zone conference so everyone came by train and stayed down at our apartment in Hakodate. We had 14 missionaries in an apartment that barely holds 4! We had futons laid out all over the floor and running into the kitchen. Needless to say, but sleep didn`t come easy that night haha.
The next day I went on splits with one of the AP`s (Kogure Choro--I used to live with him in the Oodori Apartment so it was way fun!). We walked around all day and got 3 peoples numbers. Still working on teaching them, but hopefully soon!
It`s so fun to hear about all the different experiences of my fellow elders around the world. I`m amazed at the different experiences going on thoughout the world. As I compare my experiences with all that I read I`m just blown away by the differences. I`m so happy to hear about all the success and all the people hearing the gospel. It`s very different here though. This transfer has been pretty tough here. My companion and I have been working in Hakodate for 4 weeks now and we taught like our 4th real sit down lesson yesterday at the church. People aren`t very inclined to listen here, but I know that the Lord is preparing people in every area for us to teach. Our friend Sato san is a testimony of that. We taught him yesterday and he left the lesson with a different light in his eyes. He wants to learn everything from us. That`s what he told us when we asked him what he was expecting. He said he wants to learn Zenbu (everything). Honestly I was feeling a little down during the lesson because I was having trouble teaching well, but it still turned out great :)
This whole week has been a little bit like that. I`ve been given a lot of time to realize how little I can do without the Lord. The Lord gives us periodic check ups to make sure that we know by whose power we`re doing this work. We have the privelege to be here. Not the responsibility, this is one of the greatest opportunities that anyone could have, and it just so happens that every once and a while we need a reminder. But I know that this is such a great work. Even when nobody will listen and you feel like your abilities aren`t good enough, If you trust in the Lord he will bless you. What a great life :)
Some other little things, there was a huge thunderstorm the other night and 3 of us in the apartment woke up to this huge BOOM! at like 2 in the morning. We all hopped right out of bed and went to the window. Didn`t see anything but it was sooooooooo loud! Still haven`t felt any earthquakes though.
I love that story about the power outage! The Lord is definitely there and mindful of us. No doubt about that :) The story reminds me of the time at camp that we had the really hot day and a microburst came from the lake and knocked down the trees over the electricity wires and we had to cook and clean using no electricity! Yikes! demo Natsukashii.
Oh tell brother Hulme and everyone hello for me! I love that man! He made such a great impact on me and everyone. Please let him know how much the Lord loves him and how greatful He is for inspiring the growing generation. He may not know it, but the things he says and the smiles he gives everyday really do inspire everyone around him to be better people. Please let him know how much he is loved by me and everyone and Especially the Lord.
That`s too bad about the car, but always remember that the Lord only gives us things that will help to build us up. Always look for the good that will kanarazu (definitely, for sure) come.
Do they have that matsuri up here in Hokkaido? I sure hope not :P haha.
By the way, I was reading about how everyone`s english abilities are going away and I completely understand. You say the darndest things in english when you`re learning a new language haha. Its a really interesting thing. You get to the point where you can`t really speak well in either language (or think) haha. I understand why babies cry all the time now though. Its so frustrating not being able to express yourself! Hang in there babies!
Mom, Dad. I have never been so challenged in my life. This has for sure been the most challenging thing I`ve ever done, but I wouldn`t trade it for the world. I`ve never felt so burnt out, so challenged, so stretched in my whole life. I for sure haven`t ever cried so much in my whole life :P But I will tell you one thing. I can feel the presence of the Holy Spirit as I`m writing this. I know that God lives. It doesnt really explain in detail the trials that the missionaries in the scriptures faced, but they had the same testimony as I. There will be hard times. There will be times that make you wonder exactly why you need that specific trial, but the Lord will never leave you. NEVER! And the hard times are all swallowed up in the joy of that thought that you worked your hardest to bring even just one soul unto Christ. The Atonement is real. My testimony has never been stronger about that. You realize what`s driving you out here and it`s the Lord Jesus Christ and His Atonement. So never fear :) What a great work :)
I`m sure there will be hard times ahead, but I`m excited for the growth and I look forward to working hand in hand with my Master and my Friend. I hope the thought of that puts a smile on the face of everyone who hears. I know it makes me smile...See!--------->=D haha.
Alright, well I better get going. It was great to here from you! Tell everyone in the ward I love and miss them and to trust in the Lord!
Until next time!
Love you :)

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