Monday, January 7, 2013

I feel like I`m getting taller...I`m not sure if that`s because everyone in Japan is so short

Thanks for the japanese stuff dad! And Happy New Year!!! よいお年よ!

Aww poor Lucky!(dog had 7 teeth pulled) Tell him hello for me! And tell Dinah(cat) hello too! :P
Wow, a lot of change happening down there I guess. Is there sand and a palm tree in the bathroom yet? One interesting thing about Japan that I like is their tubs. I fit in them! The doors are all too short, but the tubs are great! ;)
I will start off with some great news. My suits have been getting a little worn out because of all the wear and tear (of course nothing is visible because it`s below 10 layers of winter gear :P) and my companion only has one suit, so we went suit shopping for him last week. I had no intention of buying anything because nothing in Japan fits me :P But, I ended up buying a suit while I was there. They had one my size and I just had to get it! It was only $539.00!...a little expensive. But apparently when they make suits that are too big, nobody buys them, so they bumped the price down. I bought it for about $30 dollars! haha. So I have a brand new $500.00 suit that I bought for $30 dollars :) They also have one more that I`m thinking about buying next week. It`s also $30 dollars. My problem isn`t the suit jacket, its the pants. My black suit pants got sun stained or something and turned a reddish color that doesn`t seem to wash out and my missionary mall pants are slowly getting torn up. So I bought the one suit, but do you think I should buy the other suit as well? If you think it`s a good idea please let me know in the next email! If you don`t say anything I probably won`t buy it. But anyways, that was very pleasing to me :)

I`m also emailing at night today because we had an appointment earlier today with an investigator that has a baptismal date, but doesn`t quite understand what he`s hearing. It`s little tough, but we`re doing our best to help him feel the Spirit and understand the gospel.
We just got done with dendo though, and we made a really great strong appointment with a nice young divorced mother for this week. She and her mother were both very kind to us and seemed like they wanted to here more. She also gave us mochi! (rice cakes which helped warmed our freezing hands haha). 
Today was warmer than usual actually. It was only -10 degrees celcius about. Usually it`s down at -20 and I hear pretty soon it will get all the way down to -30. It`s almost impossible to dendo outside in that weather. It`s crazy! But the Lord still blesses us as we strive to find the people he`s been preparing. I love being a missionary here in Japan :) and lately I really felt like I understand the language. The Gift of Tongues really is in existence Ne! 

Thanks for being such a great example to me dad. Always working to do what the Lord has called you to do. It really is a help to me here as I try my best to do what I feel the Lord wants me to do.
Tell Tyson and everyone hello for me! Tell them that the mission is amazing and I`m loving it! If they have any advice for me I`d love to here it as well :)

Alright, well that`s about all for now! Talk to you again next week! 

P.S. I feel like I`m getting taller...I`m not sure if that`s because everyone in Japan is so short or if I actually am getting taller, but that`s what it feels like haha. I`m trying to break 2 meters (I`m 2 centimeters off (198)). I guess we`ll have to measure me when I get  back!

Love you! Bye Bye!!!
Elder Sotto

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