Sunday, February 17, 2013

Apparently I act Majime (serious) here so everyone thinks I`m a pretty serious person

I really enjoyed reading this weeks letter :) thanks mom and dad!

So I have news about the Tenkin call...I`m still in Kitami! and my companion is...22 year old Elder Nielson from Midway Utah! He`s a nice guy and I`m excited to work with him :) He`s 5th transfer and I`m! crazy.

I think I handle the experiences I`m going through better through email as apposed to in person haha. They seem better through email I think :P but I`m doing great and I`m very happy and excited to be out here!
I do want to read my emails when I get home I think. It will be interesting to remember all the things I went through.

I don`t think I`ll look too much older when I get back, but I do think some of my facial features and such have been changing. And I have to shave everyday now. That`s weird :P haha. 
Apparently I act Majime (serious) here so everyone thinks I`m a pretty serious person. I think I`m a little more serious as a missionary, but I still feel like a kid sometimes :)
I love that thought mother! Always progressing. I love that thought and I want to find ways to keep progressing my whole life! One way that I think I will keep up when I get home is Learning different languages. You really start at Base 1 and can just keep on progressing if you work at it. It`s really quite fun :) 

I have really felt the Igen no Tamamono (Gift of Tongues) since my new American companion came. We have had several lessons and I`ve understood almost everything! That and I`ve been able to communicate what I want to our investigators! I feel that the language is really becoming a part of me :)

Well, lastly I`ll put in some miracles and then be off. We went to church and didn`t expect anyone to come, but an old investigator came by himself because he didn`t have work, and then after church another different old investigator (that is my height) came and wants to hear the lessons, and then we met with another old investigator after church that we`ve been meeting with since the beginning of this week and had a great lesson. I felt very blessed by the Lord. There are a lot of people in Kitami that are really prepared to hear the message at this time. I know that the Lord is preparing his children and helping them to accept the gospel. Especially the people whom we as members associate with. It`s an amazing thing :)

Alright, well I better be off! Thank you! Bye Bye!

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