Monday, February 4, 2013

Also, apparently I talk a lot in my sleep when I`m stressed.

Wow, two weeks of emails is a lot haha. A lot can happen in two weeks :P 
I am completely fine! I didn`t mind not having the email. And I`m extra happy this week because Jill had her baby!!! Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That`s so cool! He`s going to be walking by the time I get back!
I can`t believe how fast things change. I feel like I`m changing a lot physically as well as Spiritually. It`s quite the growing experience a mission.

I really want to comment on everything, but that would take forever! So I`ll just comment on a couple things and then tell my news :)

That`s so cool that you got to meet with the apostles! I know that they are called of God to serve his children.
I`m glad you had that experience with the little kids and the church experience as well mom :)

Yes I felt the earthquake. I was doing seiza (praying on my knees) and I fell asleep and then I woke up to the floor moving around at about 11:20 and said "eh! eh! nani!" I was very surprised and my legs were very tingly because I fell asleep in prayer mode haha. But I checked the apartment after that and nothing had fallen. Aparently the Elders in Obihiro had to evacuate their apartment. 
Also, apparently I talk a lot in my sleep when I`m stressed. I apparently was teaching one of our investigators we were going to teach the next day in Japanese while sleeping for about 30 minutes haha. I was in the sitting up position as well apparently, and I ask my companion questions while in that position and it wakes him up haha. It`s pretty bad I guess haha.

The teeth article is very interesting. I`ve noticed that teeth aren`t as big a deal in Japan, but america is huge on teeth being straight! Very interesting.

It`s always so fun to hear the mission calls :) It`s empowering to know that all my friends are in the service of their God right along with me. It`s so much fun to think about. 
yes sisters in this mission will fueru (go up) from here on out I guess. We`ll get about 20 in the next two transfers, so there are going to be a lot more new areas opening up to sisters (Kitami as well probably!)

Elder Sasaki and I go down to Sapporo tomorrow for a Multi Zone Taikai (conference). We will here the Asia Area Psychologist and Health person I guess.

Ok, as for good news...I have great news...Our investigator got baptized and confirmed this weekend!!!!! It was a great experience. There have been a lot of trials this transfer, but seeing him get baptized (by a recently baptized convert that my trainer baptized a year ago) was so great. 
I felt the Spirit very strongly while waiting for him to change and come back into the sacrament hall. Everyone was suggesting and singing hymns while we waited and we started singing "I have a family here on earth" and I pictured us all up in heaven and meeting with him again. I also thought a lot about my family and friends back home, but I didn`t get homesick. I had the distinct thought "There`s no where else in the world I`d rather be." I think about family and friends more frequently lately, but I know that this is where I need to be and I plan to go wherever the Lord asks me to. I got a very special feeling during the baptismal service and the Spirit was most definitely present :)
We actually just got done teaching Ikuma an After Baptism lesson and everyone is kicking a soccer ball around in the other room :)

alright, well I`m so happy to hear from everyone about Jill and Matt and Owen and Evelyn and I`ll pray for everyone and tell everyone I love them!!! I love you so much!!! Have a great day!
Sincerely and with Love
Mitchell ;)

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Anjenette Walker said...

I love this post. I love feeling the Spirit as you talk about feeling it during the baptism. What an honor to be taught by you as you share your experiences.