Tuesday, March 5, 2013

God protects those who we pray for.

Hello again dear family!

The snow is finally starting to melt a little here, but there was a really heavy windstorm saturday night and we were walking up on the mountain to an investigator`s house when it hit. It was so strong and there was snow blowing everywhere! You couldn`t see 3 feet in front of you! But we got a ride back from some members and then went out to all you can eat Yakiniku :) It was pretty great :)
Things are going well here. We`ve been blessed here in Kitami with a lot of people who want to listen to the gospel and even some who want to get baptized, but now it`s about helping them get to baptism. They are convinced that they want to do it really slowly over a long period of time, but I`m sure as they continue to hear the message they will realize they want the blessings sooner rather than later :)

As for my week, I don`t have much to say, but I`ll see what I can do! My trainer is the new Obihiro Zone Leader and he came up to Kitami for splits last friday and that was really fun. Kitami was his bean (first) area when he came to Japan and he hasn`t been back since about 2 years ago so he was really excited to dendo. I got to dendo (do missionary work) with him all day. We went and visited a bunch of his old investigators and it was just like old times. I really miss working with him. He`s one of the hardest working missionaries I know. When you work with him you always come back at the end of the day feeling like you worked your hardest. Great day :) 
I was also able to be reminded of what my purpose is as a missionary. It`s to invite others to come unto Christ. They use their agency. We are called to invite and testify with the Spirit. It was a big deal for me to re-learn (for like the 15th time :P).
Other than that I will just testify that God protects those who we pray for. Our 82 year old investigator was able to make it to the church safely during the snow storm the other day. I was incredibly worried, but God protected him and I was able to testify to him that God answers our prayers. 

Well, that`s about all. Tell everyone I love them! Also I`ll probably write Will when he gets into the mission field. Anyways, have a great week!
Love you!

Elder Mitchell Perry Sotto

One last thing that`s kind of funny and silly at the same time. 
I got a card to transfer large amounts of money from the bank the other day and they gave me a booklet for it and it had my name on it, but because my name is too long they used 2 lines and it turned out like this:
HELL PERRY 様(sama)

:P haha. I got a good laugh when I saw the bottom half. A little Childish, but very funny ;D

Alright, have a great week! 
Bye Bye!!!

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