Tuesday, March 19, 2013

The Lord answers even the smallest of our prayers if it is for the benefit of others we love

Oh camp :P Miss it :) I know it will be a lot of fun though.

Well, the winter if finally starting to die down here. Snow is melting and the degrees are finally starting to go into the positives! It was a really cold winter and there were times that I thought my hands might freeze off, but I`ll let you know that the Lord won`t allow his servants to be harmed as they are in the service of their fellow beings. I have had countless wonderful experiences up here in the cold of winter :) The clothes that I had were all great. I should have bought a pair of small gloves to go under my big pair, but I never did, so I guess I`ll just wait till next year! All my other clothes and everything is holding up just fine :) I got the new pants in the mail too so thank you! 

The Cherry blossoms are slow up here in Hokkaido! When I first got to Japan last year they still hadn`t come out yet. They come out right about the 1st of May in Sapporo (near Golden week, a holiday). In Kitami I hear they come out in mid May haha. Slow, but beautiful nonetheless! I love seeing them :)

Thank you for your insights on scriptures and such dad. I will tell you that I usually don`t find things quite so deep in my study, but it`s really fun to see what you`re learning as well when we`re reading the same thing. I don`t really try to find much deep stuff here. I try to focus on investigators and their needs and that usually has relations to Joseph Smith and whether or not he was a true prophet of God.

One thing I`m trying to focus on more is helping my investigators learn to read the Book of Mormon. It can be pretty hard to read for them so I`m in the process of finding new fun ways to get them to read the Book of Mormon like finding questions for them to answer about the chapters they read. If you have any good ideas let me know!

The House looks soooooooooo goooooooooooooood!!!! I`m so excited to see it again! I can`t believe you put a big picture of the beach in your room! :P haha. Sasuga dad (classic dad ;)). Everything looks gorgeous! I was trying to picture our house and where the pictures were taken from and it took a little while, but I got it eventually :) Keep sending pictures of all the fun things you`re doing!
I`m sorry you`re getting sick! I hope you get better soon! 

I`ve never heard anything about being able to email my friends and priesthood leaders and such, so I wouldn`t let my friends know. Even if it is true I barely have enough time to get my emails out to my dear family! So I think I`m fine with just this for now. I love my friends and I feel a little bad that I don`t really keep in touch well with them, but I know that I`ll see them again in the future and I`m excited for the growth and change that everyone will have gone through. I know I`ve changed!
Sometimes I worry that I`ve changed too much and I`m not really me anymore, but I know that that`s foolish :P I`m really being shaped into someone that the Lord can trust for my whole life. That`s all I want to become. I`m trying my best to keep a little silly in me still though ;P 

One thing I learned (again) this week is just how much the Lord wants to help our righteous desires. The Lord answers even the smallest of our prayers if it is for the benefit of others we love. I was praying for specific help on my splits with another missionary so I could help build his faith in prayer and the Lord answered my prayer and we accomplished the goals that we set. It`s amazing! It`s always a little worrisome at first wondering if your prayer will be answered how you expect it to be, but if it`s righteous and in the will of God, He will answer :) I love being a missionary :) There are plenty of trials and plenty of tests, but the good times and the miracles are always the things that stay in your mind :)

alright, well, I`m off!
Talk to you next week! I love you!
Bye Bye!

Mitch ;)

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