Thursday, September 12, 2013

I'm genki! (happy).mission experiences are helping him

Hello again!
It's a wonderful day here in Sapporo and I've been very good lately.
This last week has been a little tough (for some reason my companion and I have been pretty tired and worn out) but we're getting better I think. There's a lot of things to focus on lately being the Zone Leader and I'm not very good at balancing my time or goals, but I'm glad that I have to opportunity to learn! It's quite the journey! I was talking to my training over email and he mentioned to me that his mission experiences are helping him more than he expected and as he looks back he realized why he had all the experiences he did. It was nice to hear. 
But I'm genki! (happy).

So...I lost my planner and I con't remember anything that happened this week. Oh wait! 
We went with a ward member to visit his friend after church and he wasn't there, but then we went with him to visit some old potential investigators and we found a spanish guy and his friend who were really nice and want to talk again! Even though the member didn't get to visit his friend he really helped us get to a far out place and we were really blessed with good people to meet :)
Also, we helped pack up everything in the church after the meetings yesterday because it's going to be reformed! So we packed up a ton of stuff and we are going to a pretty far church for the next 3 months. Crazy! I'm excited though :) 

Well, that's all that I can think of!
As for the gloves...I feel like I don't need that expensive of gloves...I'll tell you again if my hands start freezing again :P But thank you!
That's all for this week!

I love you!
Bye Bye!!!

Elder Sotto

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