Monday, September 16, 2013

t I love cereal! haha. I really have come to love fruits and vegetables.

Hello! This week was wonderful!

It was actually terribly hard :P My companion helped me go a little deeper into how I think and find out a problem that I've had all throughout my mission with working with my companion. It was really painful to hear and think about but we talked for like 2 days really deeply about the things that I need to change and all sorts of stuff. I was very mentally exhausted after that, but I feel so much better now that I know what I should be doing and what weaknesses I need to work on and stuff. It was intense! He was just tearing into my bad parts and telling me very bluntly all the bad things that I was doing. But I asked him to do it that way so I'm really glad he did. And now I feel so much better! :P I love my companion so much!!! He's like my best friend in the mission. We have transfer calls tomorrow and I hope that he doesn't go (or I don't go). I'm not sure what's going to happen but I'm excited to see! This has been a really good fun transfer full of a lot or hard work :)

So, there is this cereal in Japan called Fruits Granola. I think it's actually not cereal but we drink it with milk and it's better than any cereal they sell here. It's really expensive though. The only reason I wrote that is because Elder Omura told me to :P But I love cereal! haha. I really have come to love fruits and vegetables. Good stuff :)

So last year I got to go to the Ham Fighters Baseball game and we get to go next week too! If I'm still here. So I hope I'm here :P 

Ok...and that's all that I can think of. Other than I love you! If you want to know anything just ask! 
Ok love you!
Bye Bye!!!

Elder Sotto

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