Monday, January 20, 2014

God knows when His children are ready

So we got up really early to write our emails today because we have some activities to do later today but I might be able to see your email a little later...if not then next week! We`re going to see the dancing Squid in Hakodate (we catch it and they cut it up for us and we eat it!). I did it when I was first here and everyone wants to do it again! I`m excited! Then we`re having an Okonomiyaki party at the church with some Young Single Adults in the ward (Okonomiyaki is like a pancake with whatever you want in it. Usually vegetables and meat and such).
But I`ll tell you about my week!
My companion and I are doing "Nihongo Dake" days where we only speak Japanese and he is getting so much better! He has such a good attitude as well!
His talents are great too! We stopped a group of like 10 high school kids and he beat boxed for them and invited them to English Classand then 2 of the came that night! It was awesome!
Next story. We had a week appointment to meet with an investigator last week, but we called and called and couldn`t get ahold of him so we thought that he wasn`t coming (he said he probably couldn`t). So we decided to not go that day. After completely having forgot about the appointment we were proselyting from door to door and my comp really wanted to buy a dinner from a close by convenient store and eat at the church...I thought that was silly and said we should eat at the apartment because it was close by, but ultimately I said ok and we went to the church to eat our dinners. When we got there two members were shoveling the parking lot and said that someone was waiting inside for us to teach them! We were very confused so we went into the church and it was the friend we had an appointment with! And we just happened to show up at the exact time the appointment was after having completely forgotten about it...My comp really really wanted to eat at the church, and now I know why. It was the Spirit! So random, but the Spirit prompted him to go there. I`m glad I listened in the end. That is a testimony that God works through many means to guide us to where we need to be, even if those means are our stomachs =P
Last story. So yesterday I think I found one of the reasons why I came back to my old area of Hakodate. The Sister that I baptized here has a daughter that turned 8 right after I left to a new area and she wasn`t able to be baptized. That has continued for the past year and a half that I`ve been gone so she still isn`t baptized, but yesterday her and her mom were able to come back to church after a month and a half of not going and the daughter came up and whispered into my ear "Sotto come I want you to baptize me on my birthday. Okay?" I was soooo Happy!!! =D Her birthday is the 15th of February :) That experience and being back here in my old area is a huge testimony to me that my mission president is directed by the Lord in his decisions. I know that God has a way prepared so that all of His children can receive the blessings of this Gospel. That testimony has been strengthened so much on my mission! There is a time and a season to all things, and God knows when His children are ready :)
I`m so excited for the time that they`ll get to go through the temple together and be sealed as a family!
Yup! And that`s two big things from this week :)
I`ll talk to you next week!
Love you! Bye Bye!!!

I got your mail and just read it! The squid was fun! We went out to find a snack called Tayaki and we met a Japanese lady living in China who is searching for truth and so we talked to her and had a great conversation in the fish market. We gave her a Book of Mormon and the pamphlets for all of our lessons and she said she would read it eagerly. She was a Kinjin (Golden person) and she is definitely going to get baptized some day soon I think, but unfortunately she has to go back home so we can`t meet again. But it was amazing! She was talking about how God had to have known that Adam and Eve would eat the fruit and that we need good and bad in the world to grow and that Adam and Eve falling was necessary. Then we shared 2 Nephi with her and she was so excited!
What a great morning! We are always being guided!
Thanks for the article and news! Very interesting!
Oh no! I`ll pray for you mom! I love you so much!
Mata Next week!
Bye Bye!!!
Your son,
Elder Sotto

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