Wednesday, January 1, 2014

It`s fun to have some good Idaho humor around again =D

Akemashite Omedeto Gozaimasu!!! (Happy New Year!)
Sorry to be emailing you late this late in the week! This week has been crazy!
So because it`s the end of the year, this week they gave us P-day on wednesday (today!).
Monday we did district meetings instead of tuesday, and tuesday (yesterday) we were supposed to read the Book of Mormon all day!
The reason I said "supposed to" is because on Monday I got some very amazing news...I got done teaching my district meeting and went downstairs and Kaicho said "Elder Sotto could I talk to you?" So we went into his office and he said "Sit down here. How are you doing?" "I:m good." "Oh`re transfering to Hakodate." :P I asked him when and he told me I needed to be packed by tomorrow morning.
So...right now I`m mailing you from my new area...Hakodate! And I`m training a different newer missionary than my last green bean! His name is Elder Bongioanni. He`s from Idaho Falls! So we talk a lot about potatoes and stuff :P just kidding. It`s fun to have some good Idaho humor around again =D
 I was here when I was a young missionary (3rd-5th transfer). Now I`m a 15th transfer missionary! So I`m very excited for the work I have to do here in my old area :) It`s really weird being back though. And the snow melts so fast here! Sapporo had so much snow! I`m sad I didn`t get to say good bye to my old ward and stuff, but that`s ok. I`ll send them my calling card (all missionaries get calling cards when they get to the mission).
Anyways, so that`s my week up until now. Today is P-day and tomorrow is Deep Clean Day where we clean the apartment all day! And then our schedule goes back to normal :) Missionary work is hard to do during the New Years time so we a couple days where we stay inside and clean and read the Book of That`s my week so far!
Last week was fun too! We had a Christmas Party with all the Missionaries in the Sapporo area and we went caroling at Oodori Park! It was so fun!!! The park was lit up with lights too :)
Then we had a Christmas Party at our Eikaiwa and the Messiah Concert on Saturday. The Choir was aparently the best it`s ever been! At least that`s what I heard :) You can see it on Facebook if you want.
As for your questions, the members have made plans to feed us lunches and dinners for the next couple days. They are so nice to the missionaries! Especially around New Years. We had a lot I was excited for in Moiwa, but there are a lot here in Hakodate too. We`re going to a member`s house tonight and we went last night and it`s so fun to see there faces when they see me again :)
Actually last night at the dinner, one of the members stepped on the handle for a fire extinguisher...turns out that the powder is pink! :P that was fun.
My birthday was great :) Thank you for the turtle necklaces! I gave one to my companion when I emergency transfered yesterday. I also got other presents from other members and lots of happy birthday songs :) Shiawase desu (I`m happy).
I`m glad you like the flowers! They`re sold all over Hokkaido!
I only got one of the articles you sent by the way.
How was your New Years?
I think that`s all I have to tell about this week. It was really fun to talk to you last week! I`m excited to do it again soon!
I love you all! Bye Bye!!
Elder Mitchell Perry Sotto

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