Tuesday, November 20, 2012

tried to get discounts at a burger shop that has connections to Commadore Perry because I was related...didn`t work

Hello Family! My week went quite well :) since our friend got baptized we`ve been trying to find more people to listen to the message, so lots of finding this week, but I`m just very glad to be a missionary :)

I saw a lot of things I want to comment on so I`ll do that right now.

First, I loved the insight dad. Thanks for always sending me things to uplift me :) Also the Japanese stuff is really interesting. I haven`t used to much of it to talk to other people, but I enjoy reading about and learning about Japan :)

Next, what was the Youth event for? Those are really cool pictures! Did I know anyone in it?
I want to go to the Boise Temple so bad when I get back! Who dedicated it?

I did know I was related to Commadore Perry! An elder in our district actually tried to see if we could get discounts at a delicious burger shop called Lucky Pierro because I was related to Commadore Perry and the shop has some connection to it. didn`t work :P 

Ah! I forgot about thanksgiving! They don`t have that in Japan. I completely forgot haha. I hope you have a great thanksgiving! Be extra thankful that we have the Gospel!

Ok, the missionary calls are just making me the happiest little elder! All my friends are leaving on missions! Ahhhh!!! I thought it was interesting that 1 was Africa, 3 were Chile, 2 were Brazil, but the last one made my day.
Spencer Lee is coming to the Japan Sapporo Mission...I love Spencer! I called the recorder in the Honbu after and he said that Spencer would be in in about 5 months. That is sooooooooooooooo coooooooooooollllllllll! I`m so excited to tell him how wonderful the mission is! Let him know over facebook if you can that this is the Best Mission in the World!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Wow...I`m so excited for him :)

Alright, now for questions:
For Christmas...I can never remember what I want because it`s usually not very important...but anything you think I`d like...probably snacks or good inspiring pictures. There are some things I don`t need, but I did just remember:

As always...Captain Crunch. I love that cereal! It`s also good for companionship kankei (relationship).
I was thinking about how delicious some "Hugs" candies would be too. I haven`t had those in a long time.
Also, there is the most beautiful CD about Jesus Christ called "Lamb of God" that an elder in our apartment has. I don`t really need anything though. I`m very happy as a missionary :) But there is some ideas :)

thank you for writing every week! I love hearing about how everything is going! I`m going to head off now, but thanks for always being so wonderful! I love you! 

Bye Bye!

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