Tuesday, November 27, 2012

giving all people the chance to accept His love and the hope he promises.

Hello Family! First of all, I loved the pictures! I see that Lucky got a new collar and is still living the high life haha. Thank you :)

Second of all...That Temple Experience Sounds Amazing!!!! I don`t think it was coincidence either. I also think it`s interesting that the Ultimate driving desire wasn`t to be in the Celestial room with President Monson, but to see an old friend. And look how God answered your prayers! I`m completely blown away. That`s amazing...wow. I wish I could`ve been there! But honestly, I`d rather be here ;) It`s an interesting thing to think about. I see the family at home enjoying thanksgiving and such and all these fun cool experiences and of course I`d love to be there, but then I think about the opportunity I have to be out here as a servant of Almight God, giving all people the chance to accept His love and the hope he promises. There`s nothing better. Of course my body is always exhausted and there are experiences that I could say are slightly less than enjoyable, but I know in my heart and mind that this is what I want to do for the rest of my life. I`m giving people the chance to accept true happiness and life eternal. Whether or not I see baptisms is another matter. The fact that I have the opportunity to share the gospel is reward in and of itself. It doesn`t always feel that way, but it truly is an opportunity for us. when I start having hard times it`s usually because I forget that. Christ`s mission was the same. He came for the chance that even one person might accept His Atonement. Just for the Chance. There was no guarantee. He just wanted to make it available so that if we ever decided to, we could have true happiness. I work for the same reason. I`m here for the chance that someone decides to accept Him. I have no guarantee of any reward dealing with baptisms and such and my expectations don`t matter. The joy that I`m always trying to take is the fact that I`m counted worthy to even speak the name of Jesus Christ, let alone speak IN His name. That is reward enough. and of course I want to see "success" and baptisms and more, but when I humble myself I find out how blessed I really am to be a servant of all. I am more blessed than anyone I know :)

Well, that was a nice tangent haha. I was talking about how cool it was to go to the Temple and how the Lord answers your prayers, and I had a really interesting experience yesterday with answered prayers. I have gained a strong testimony that God answers prayers if we pray with faith. 
I prayed that I would be able to give a Book of Mormon out last night, and It was answered! But not like I expected. God has a sense of humor. We met a man in SGI (Sokagakai) who was very passionate about it and was telling us we were wrong and he has better things for us so he told to wait outside (it was freezing!) and he brought back a pear for each of us and some SGI pamplets and told us to read them. After a lot of interesting conversation we ended up giving him the Book of Mormon and he gave us the pears and the SGI stuff...really interesting experience..."you kids get no reward or results from this so join my church and you will for sure see results!"...it was really interesting haha. But my prayer was answered! So God always answers our prayers, but not always how we expect. I have plenty more testimony builders too but I have little time left.

Lastly I`ll tell you of the changes in my life as a missionary. I just got transferred to...KITAMI! It is very different from Hakodate...very different. It is one of the Most Northern areas in Hokkaido so it is freezing...so cold! Every night my hands and feet go numb while dendo-ing haha. But its a really nice place full of nice people and the ward is small but wonderful I`ve heard. I met them yesterday and they were very nice! They actually had me practice some caroling stuff after church and the director told me she wanted me to sing the Edelwiess (sound of music) song and White Christmas as a solo because their soloist dropped...so I became the soloist and the english teacher haha. The director said it was michibiki (guidance) from God that I came here haha. I love Japan and the people :P haha.
Also I became Senpai (senior missionary)! and my companion is...a Nihonjin (Japanese person) that just got out of bean training! So we`re working hard as two young missionaries :) I have a picture I`ll post and then I have to go because I`m taking so long! haha. 

I love you so much and I`ll talk to you next week! Have a great week!!!!!!

Bye Bye!

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