Monday, November 12, 2012


Dear Mother,
Please Get Better!!!
Dear Father...I love you! and Mom too :) 

Hello! I don`t have a lot of time because we`ve got some plans today, so I`ll make it quick!...I feel like I say that every week :P haha. Anyways.

Jessica got a hedgehog?...huh? haha. I do remember walking the dog around the block as a family one time and Lucky found a hedgehog. That`s the only memory I have  of a hedgehog haha. That`s so cool though!

Ahh! Everyone is going on missions! This is so coooooool!

The electricity thing is a little unnerving because it`s gotten really cold here haha. I`m going out in a sweater, jacket and my outer layer of the ski jacket and still getting cold sometimes.

On the bus was a big mix of Japanese and english because the bishop`s wife speaks fluently. She`s so cool! She`s all the missionary`s best friend :) 
I do have those moments every once and a while though where I get done teaching the word of wisdom and think to myself...I`m in japan...teaching the word of a nihonjin...that`s so cool! or weird...anyways haha. It`s really such an amazing thing.

Thanks for the Japanese stuff! 

Ok, so now for my week. Very short!

We went to Zone conference in Sapporo, had Elder Romney`s birthday, one of our old investigators found us again on his birthday, had a really spiritual lesson on the same day with our friend getting baptized soon (this coming sunday), have been receiving repeated answers to prayers all the time (I have no doubt in my mind God answers prayers. I would be blind if I did :P). It`s all up to how much faith we`re willing to show and the Lord`s will. So trust in God :) That`s my advice for the day haha. 
On a slightly less wonderful note, about a week ago Elder Peterson wrecked his bike into another bike, 4 days ago Elder Romney`s bike light got stolen, 3 days ago Elder Peterson and my helmet got stolen, and this morning Elder Romney`s bike got stolen...and he bought it 3 weeks we looked around the area, went to the bike shop it was bought at, are going to inform the police, and talked to the AP`s. We`re praying that this somehow turns into an opportunity to share the gospel. But It`s all in the Lord`s hands, so fear not dear family! 

Alright, well I better go. I love you so very much! Talk to you next week! 

Bye Bye!!!

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