Monday, June 10, 2013

I have a lot of goals I want to accomplish, but I can't forget to love others

 I think back on the week when I write my letter to the Mission President (which I forgot to write...after :P) and I can't rememeber anything I've done! It"s terrible :P
I would die if I didn't have a planner to write things in.
Oyaji gyagu haha. There was a ward member in Hakodate that really loved Oyaji gyagu. He was a pro at making them. I find them sometimes and laugh to myself but not too often. 
It's cool to hear about Grandpa and the Book of Mormon! My friend has also decided to read the Book of Mormon and I'm way excited for him! You can't read it and not know that it is truly another Testimony of the Divinity of Jesus Christ. I love Elder Holland's quote from his grandpa, "No wicked man could write such a book as this, and no good man would, unless he were commanded of God to do so." The Book of Mormon is such a precious tool the Lord uses to help the world see that He is still reaching His hand out to us in Mercy :)
As for the questions:
My companion is the 4th of 6 children in his family. He came from Futenma, Okinawa and he is awesome. He used to ride Motorcycles and stuff a lot before his mission and he is a way hard worker. It's a lot of fun finishing up his training here in Moiwa :)
I keep learning this every transfer, but i learned that it's ok to have fun and be goofy every once and a while. I keep getting reminded of that if I get to serious. I get humbled or something :P I've really learned how to be a lot more observant of my surroundings with him. He can tell you who is home or not and what kind of people live in the house by looking around outside at the things they have in their yard and genkan (entrance to the house). He is really observant of things like that.
The principle of loving others and desiring their happiness has stuck out to me a lot this week. I find that when i get frustrated it's because I'm focusing too much on myself or my goals. When I take time to think about my investigators and ask them about themselves then they open up and an environment is created where the Spirit can dwell. I tend to work really fast and really hard and I have a lot of goals I want to accomplish, but I can't forget to love others as I try to do my best out here.
I've also seen the power of a testimony a lot lately. We have an investigator that has questions and concerns up the wazoo. Whenever we try to answer by proving things to him it turns out really bad, but whenever we bear our testimonies it turns out so much better.
We met what we call a kinjin (literally Golden Person) about a week ago and passed her to the sisters. I was praying all week that she would keep the passionate desire to find out if this is true and that she would come to church and she did! Simple, but I know that God answered my prayers :)
Also, it is so interesting to talk with her. She is really quiet and really humble. She wants to be taught. When she talks with me and my companion she is so polite and really respects us. One of the members says that she felt a special something about us when we first talked to her and it really built my testimony of living worthy of the Spirit. We don't convert people here. People feel the Spirit in us and the Spirit helps them to change their hearts. I really felt that I needed to become more Christlike and work on those attributes. In PMG it says, "It's not just about what we do as missionaries, it's about who we are." I want to become someone that radiates the light of Christ and is always worthy of the Spirit.
Alright, well I better get going! I think I'm going to the Chocolate Factory in Kotoni today! Have fun at camp dad!
I'll talk to you later!
Bye Bye!!!

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