Wednesday, June 5, 2013

The missionary language here is a good mix of both english and japanese haha.

Dear Mom and Dad,
Hello! It's so good to hear from you! I just love getting emails every week from you!
this week was...well...I can't remember. Let me look at my planner real quick. I can't remember anything anymore without my planner :P
Oh ya! One really cool experience! My companion and I went and taught a lesson with the sisters to a potential investigator that my companion and I found housing. We thought it was a weak appointment, but she called us after church on sunday to confirm the appointment and seemed really excited! When we got there, she was very eager to hear our message. She's been wanting to come to church for a long time and she's reading the bible by herself so we gave her the Book of Mormon and taught her to pray and she is very interested in baptism :) It really built my faith that there really are people out there that are prepared and ready to here this gospel :)
Also, I got to go on splits with my MTC companion for the first time since the MTC! It was so much fun! It's crazy to see how we've both grown and it was way fun to go out and dendo (find people) together :)
We are also teaching an investigator right now that thinks incredibly deeply, so I really have no idea what's going on in the lessons. It can be pretty frustrating sometimes, but I'm hanging in there and trying my best to follow the conversations.
It's interesting learning a different language because it seems there is no end to the learning. No matter how much I start to understand, there is always more that I am completely lost when I hear. It can be frustrating sometimes, but it's also fun knowing that I can still progress and grow if I keep working hard :)
The Bishop of Moiwa ward invited all the Oodori and Moiwa missionaries to come to his house for dinner last saturday night. There were 12 of us that came and then 7 others from the ward and the Bishop and his family! It was such a delicious dinner! There was corn, potatoes, gravy, fruits and juice, and stroganauf (I can't speel ;P) on top of rice. It was very american :) Natsukashii (Nostalgic). The bishop had a lot of cool missionary stories too. Way fun :) While we were walking back one of the missionaries was showing the picture he took on his camera, but he did it with the projector installed on his camera...that caught me by surprise :P nice camera! Great Elder :)
That article made me laugh dad :) There are so many words I use in japanese that I substitute for english words. The missionary language here is a good mix of both english and japanese haha.
Ok, well I better get going. Talk to you later!
Bye Bye

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