Tuesday, June 25, 2013

the fact that he is starting to love studying is kimochiwarui (a disgusting thought :P). He's so funny!

Hey family! I love you!
And Happy Birthday Kellie!!!! I love you so much and I miss you! Everyone says that you are a Bijin (beautiful girl) when they see your picture :)
Starting from the bottom, Go ahead and add the Yuichi Sakamoto san person to facebook. I met him at eikaiwa in Kotoni.
That's so cool that you're going to memorize a scripture a day! Good luck!
What! Boise is getting huge! That's awesome! We're about to break 100 in Sapporo and I'm way excited :) I guess sisters will go from 15 to 40 soon. It's so cool that everyone is going out to serve the Lord!
I'm really excited to see the growth of the ward as well when I get back :)
That Yosokoi song is really interesting haha. I got to go see Yosokoi and it was so cool! I got a lot of recordings and I'll send my memory card when it gets a little more filled up!.
I love love love love! Hearing about camp =D It makes me really excited to see how everything is changing. I remember I didn't like working at camp at first but that's because I regretted being away from my friends. Then I made friends and camp and I didn't want to return home :P
The mission is so similar. I've made so many good friends and memories here that I don't want to leave. I love it! It's pretty hard, but very rewarding :)
I got to see the training video as well this last Sunday as well and it made me really excited to fulfill my duties and made me want to be the best I can in any position I may be called to fill. Good stuff :)

As I've been reading the scriptures lately I've noticed a lot more connections in the Bible and Book of Mormon and it's so interesting! I love reading the Scriptures! My companion from Okinawa and I talk all the time about cool stuff from the scriptures. He is discovering his love of the scriptures for the first time right now. It's fun to watch. He said in a testimony recently that the fact that he is starting to love studying is kimochiwarui (a disgusting thought :P). He's so funny!
Well, a little bit about my week. And transfer.
We've been looking for investigators for a long time now and we finally are starting to see some people who are interested in the gospel :) That is a miracle. I can't remember any big specifics this week, but there are miracles everyday and answered prayers all the time.
I did have a good experience with following the Spirit. I had a feeling that we should visit a guy we met on the street a couple weeks ago and so when we visited him he let us in his garage. It was really cool! He is 80 and has a lot of Model cars and trains and guns and airplanes. We talked about lots of fun stuff and then naturally got into a conversation about how he wishes his body wasn't so frail. We then shared scriptures about the resurrection and testified of it's truth. He said he wants it to be true. He said he would read some of the Book of Mormon and we are going to go visit him again soon :)
That experience helped me learn to follow the impressions that come to my heart and mind.
Well I'm off to hike Maruyama mountain with my district now! Talk to you next week!
I love you!!!
Bye Bye!!!!
Elder Sotto

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