Monday, July 15, 2013

we had a seed spitting contest and I had the farthest spit until the Bishop came along and showed me up :P But I humbly accepted defeat :P

Dear Mom and Dad,
Helllllllo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm doing great :) We just got done with a Zone activity and it was way fun! We played games in the upstairs of the Honbu (headquarters) and got to know the Zone really well :)
We have our first Zone Taikai tomorrow and I'm very exited! We've been thinking about it a lot and it's going to be great!
Things just keep getting faster and faster though.
It sounds like you had a great time this week mom! I don't remember how to crouche (and I can't spell) =P
That's a way cool story dad! Thank you so much for telling me! Sometimes it can be pretty hard to pray from the heart when you're out doing the same things everyday. You have to find ways to keep yourself humble and wanting toserve god with all your might.
I'm very grateful for Furigana. It helps so much for reading things!
Well, for my week...
We have been working as a 3 man companionship and it's really interesting. We're finding ways to make it fun, but it can be a little intimidating sometimes I think. We're getting a good system down though.
Yesterday at the church we had a Nagashi Soumen Kai. That is eating soumen (noodles) that are run down an open tube and you pick it out of the water streaming down the tube with chopsticks and stick it in your bowl and eat it. We did it with the ward after church and it was way fun! Unfortunately one of the members almost fainted because of a sickness he has and we had to carry him inside and sit him down to rest. He asked me afterwards to give him a blessing and it was a wonderful opportunity to use the Priesthood. It always makes me feel very humble when I have opportunities like that.
After thatwe had a great lesson with an investigator and we all feel very strongly that he is going to get baptized. He is really starting to feel the Spirit and its very fun teaching him.
My companions are awesome! One of them is on his last transfer and he is an amazing teacher! He really knows how to get people to think about the gospel and help them apply it in their lives and then they realize they want it in their lives. It's great :)
We also had a lesson with an investigator that is awesome at guitar! He played Bon Jovi while we were at his apartment and it was really good. He is an amazing singer and guitarist.
We had a lot of fun things this week.
We went and cut wood at a member's house that lives in the woods and we also got to go with the ward and some investigators and English student out to pick strawberries and eat all that you can. Unfortunatley there were no strawberries left so we went to a cherry orchard and picked a ton of cherries and ate them. I probably ate 60-80...and I don't really want to eat cherries ever again :P But we had a seed spitting contest and I had the farthest spit until the Bishop came along and showed me up :P But I humbly accepted defeat :P
And that's about all I can remember. It was a really fun week!
I'll talk to you next week! Bye Bye!!!
Elder Sotto!!!

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