Monday, July 1, 2013

And for the awkward moment of the week. Being bold and saying " hey!

Dear family...Happy July! I love you!

I got to watch that video as well and it made me really want to talk to all my friends that I could have invited to church or an activity or something. I have so many friends who would have come had I just opened my mouth! But I still have chances when I get back I guess. So I'll wait and pray! I know this is where I need to be right now :)
I've noticed that sometimes the best way to invite people to things is by just doing it. Being bold and saying " hey! I have a church activity this week and I'd love it if you come!" The Lord really does bless us when we try our best though.

Well, for my week, I have some fun news!
My companion got transfered to Kushiro and I got a new one named Elder Kudo from Kanagawa Ken! And what's even better is...we are the New Oodori Zone Leaders! Yay! 
I'm really excited for the next transfer. We are planning and talking about the Zone and its needs all the time. It's way fun!

My companion and I have really been focusing on dendoing (doing missionary work) together and really getting involved and bearing testimony together, and it has been amazing! We talked to one nice lady who didn't seem very interested at first but then we introduced the Book of Mormon and testified together and her heart started to open slowly. She let us know about her desires to know about Christianity and we let her know that we would be there to help her. It was great! and we hope to see her again soon!

Also we were able to go visit a bunch of less active missionaries with a member in the ward and it was a great experience. It helped us know where we needed to focus in the ward and we got to build a good relationship with the member and it was just wonderful :)

And for the awkward moment of the week.
When you're biking at full speed for 40 minutes after church to go to the Stake Center for the World Training Video Broadcast and another elder's tire pops so you walk to the Honbu with him to get a new bike. 
When you get to the Honbu (main office) you meet the mission President and another American with him and introduce yourself. He introduces himself as the roommate of your mission president when they were at Harvard University before your mission president left on a mission.
Then you ask him where he served his mission and he says, "I'm actually not a member."... ... ...then you hurry up and bike to the stake center with everyone as fast as you can and you make it 2 minutes before the broadcast starts...then 5 minutes later you are told that the English version isn't you do an emergency split and go with 6 foreign elders back to the Honbu (by car) to watch the English Video online. 
About halfway through the Japanese Elders return to the Honbu by bike and let you know that they had to cancel the video halfway through and still haven't seen the last you finish it in English and the end result is that you watch the rest of it in Japanese another day when you get the DVD. :P 

My companion will finish watching it another day I guess.

That's about all I have for this week, but I'll talk to you again next week! Love you!
Bye Bye!!!

Elder Mitchell (as grandpa Perry says =P)

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