Tuesday, December 10, 2013

I love the guidance of the Spirit!!!

Wow! Idaho sounds cold! It's been about -4 to 7 degrees lately.  The Snow is really slow (late...you say slow in japanese :P) too. It still hasn't stuck!
Thanks for the Christmas presents and everything! The gloves are doing me great good dad :) It did say in the warning that people with bad circulation shouldn't use them so that caught my attention but I'll keep using them!
I know! The time is going by so fast! Our transfers are this thursday and then I only have two more left! So weird!
I heard about Andrew and James and their predicament as well.
So my week has been good :) I can't think of a ton of experiences, but we met a lot of good investigators!
One good experience. We have an investigator that wants to believe but thinks he can't believe in God. So unplanned we read Alma 32: 26-28 and when he read it he's like..."ya...I need to plant a seed to know if this is true or not...I need to test this out. I promise that I'll read the Book of Mormon eagerly from now on."...It was awesome! We didn't plan it or anything, but God told us what we should share with him and it stuck in his heart! I love the guidance of the Spirit!!!
And that's about it I think. Sorry it's so short! But I'll call you in a couple weeks!
I love you so much!
bye Bye!!!

Elder Sotto =D

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