Tuesday, December 3, 2013

I still have a lot of fire, but I'll admit that I'm pretty tired

We don't see many of those lantern things here in Hokkaido...or maybe we do but I don't look around much. I'll look more this new years!
I'll give my goals a good look :) I got the Thanksgiving/Christmas Present! Thank you sooooooooooooooooo much!!! It's so useful! My hands are finally warm! 
I guess I'm something called Hiesho (someone with bad circulation) so I have shimoyake (a premature form of frostbite) on my toes. They are red and swollen up a little and they were last year too. Even when I am in boots or have foot warmers my feet are cold. But I'm doing my best to keep them really warm! And It's not really too bad. So don't worry about me!
I also ate my turkey dinner with potatoes and gravy and olives today for lunch and it was amazing!!! Thank you so much! I'll send a picture.
I'm going to try to send home a box as well...next week maybe? But be expecting one!
New Missionaries are amazing...I still have a lot of fire, but I'll admit that I'm pretty tired :P haha. My New Missionary Companion is amazing. He's too exciting for me sometimes and I just stop talking because I don't know what to say :P But if they could get that experience and fire together, it would be something great!
Church and camp and everything sounds crazy! I'm excited to see it all! I'm especially excited to see my own family though :) That's the most exciting thing =D
So this week was really good! We met a chinese guy on saturday and he came to church on sunday and he had a great time! He wants to keep coming and we're so excited to start teaching him!
We also got preached to by two different investigators from two different religions for quite a while. We then got to talk to them about the Restoration! It was amazing to me that they had all of these arguements for why what we were saying was false, but when we testified all they could do was be puzzled. When we bear testimony there is no way we can fail. Even if they don't accept what we say. The power of testimony :)
That's about all that I can remember that sticks out.
Ya! So I'll talk to you next week!
I love you!
Bye Bye!!!
Elder Mitchell Perry Sotto

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