Thursday, December 26, 2013

picture of Christs manger..."The First King Size Bed"

Thank you so much for reminding me about my blessing dad! I haven't thought about that in a long time! It's easy to let your focus change over time. Thank you so much!

The snow here is extremely late, but today and yesterday it's been snowing a lot non-stop! When it snows it snows a lot. I slipped yesterday and fell pretty hard, but that's winter dendo (missionary work) for you! :P I'm completely fine.

I hope you all have a great Christmas! Take pictures and let me know how everything goes when you call! I'm really excited for the call :) It's been too long. And then I'll get to talk to you face to face soon enough! Until then I'll just keep on working hard :) And after...I'll just keep on working hard :P 
I'm so grateful to be able to work! There are so many older people in Japan and it's hard for them to work a lot. But that gives us a chance to help them shovel snow :) 
Japanese people are so funny though! They won't let you help them do anything! In order to help them shovel snow and stuff you just have to say "hey! What's that in your hand? (pointing at the shovel) Can I see it?" If you say that they're like "oh ya. sure!" And then you take the shovel and just start shoveling :P If you ask to help they say "no no no no no!" But they're very grateful when you take their shovels and just start shoveling :P 

The world is truly getting to be like that ね! It's all about money! But it's always really refreshing to meet genuinely good people who want to do good things and help others. There are still lots out there!

So this week was awesome!

Our church's reformation stuff got finished and we got to go to it this sunday! It was beautiful! It looks like a completely different building! It looks like a temple! And the inside has heated floors for my poor cold feet :P
I got to sing twice for a baptismal service and in sacrament meeting and it was great :) We sang I like to look for Rainbows (Baptism/Children's song) and Hark the Herald Angels Sing.

We had the Messiah Concert Practice for the last time last night and it was great! I'm excited to sing on Saturday! You can probably find a lot of stuff about it on Facebook if you want.

We have been making a greater effort to contact more people and we've been meeting lots of great people! We met two who mentioned a lot of interest in Baptism and we meet another one today!
We're also going to a 5 story Daiso today! Daiso is like a dollar store.

...honestly I can't remember anything else. 

But during my personal study this week I was a little frustrated and so I tried to find the source of my frustration. I realized that my expectations and God's expectations and thoughts were different. I realized that often when we're frustrated with something in the gospel it's because of a misunderstanding. What we think we should be doing is different from what God thinks probably...I can't really explain myself but it was a good personal study :P

Alright, well that's all that I can think of for this week.

I would just end with a small fun joke. I saw a picture of Christs manger today and it had some very great words written above it...It said, "The First King Size Bed" :P
And with that thought, I wish you a Merry Christmas!!! :P Just kidding. A slightly better thought is the calm of that night that Christ was born and they thoughts of all those watching and even Christ himself. I hope that everyone has a great Christmas :)

I love you!
Talk to you Wednesday/Tuesday!

Elder Mitchell Perry Sotto

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