Sunday, April 22, 2012

I got a lot of mail from my sisters so I won't have too much time to talk now. I have to prepare to leave in 2 days as well! I can't believe it's here!
Thank you so much for the package chichi! I loved the tree and the lolipop and the book. I'm excited to find out more about my family.
I'm only supposed to write immediate family through email so I can't email grandma and grandpa back but could you tell them I love them so much and it was so good to hear from them! Tell them I'd be gald to cut wood when I get back as well. For now I"ll be shoveling snow.
Thank you for the news a always and for your love and care!
As for calling you from the airport I will have very little time, but I will try to call and at least say hello so keep your phones on you all day and waiting! I go to LA, then Narita, then Sapporo.
So quickly for my week, Brother Mills (head of international MTC's) gave a special going away presentation fro the japanese missionaries because he was a mission president there. It was so inspiring and when the picture of Sapporo came up I swear I've never seen so much snow! It was up to the rooftops!
Also Elder Ballard came and spoke to us and David Archilletta sang the Spirit of God for us. It was so beautiful and there were a lot of tears in the room. Such a great devotional!!!!!!!!!! I've had such great experiences here. I've made Nihonjin friends and I'm in  a companionship on the plan with an english elder in my district and 1 japanese sister so that will be fun ha.
I want to testify really quick that the Lord qualifies his servants if they are humble and then act in faith even when they're scared. I had to talk to an elder in our district aobut an issue that arose in his companionship and I was scared to death to talk to him, but I did and I fel tthe strength of the Lord. I did nothing but show my faith by talking and he did the rest. It was a wonderflu talkand we came to love each other. It was like ammon wit the sheep. He saw a bad situation as an opportunity to show forth the Lords power. I will forever try to see that way now. When problems arise, they are simply ways to show the lords popwer that I hold as a missionary. He qualifies his servants and I testify of that in His Sacred name. Even Jesus Christ.
I have no time left, but I will post my address for Japan today hopefully when I get the cance and then I will email you again from mly new home in the land I"m called to love and labor for.
I love you so mluc haha to chichi!
REally quick, I translated D&C 18:15 the other day and it struck me (it's one of my favorite scriptures) harder than usual. It is so specific. It said "if you give kyour life's power in serving me and bring but one soul unto me, how great will be your joy together with that person in the kingdom of my father. I love the Japanese langauge and the people and I'm so excited to make Japan my home.
I love you all so very much and I will see you agian soon!