Monday, April 30, 2012

So here's my week. The first day I got here I was pushed right into the Lake.

Hello Family! Today is P-day! Every monday I'll be able to email you at the Honbu. Emailing me is perfectly fine. I don't have a limit on p-day so I can read all that you want to send. As for dear elder, I don't know if they send them from the MTC to here because it's overseas. I think they just throw them away. And i ahven't gotten any mail as of yet, but emails are nice :)
Right now I don't really have much time to send mail to people, but tell the Henly's I will try and that I loved their cards! When I get the chance I will write everyone!
So here's my week. The first day I got here I was pushed right into the Lake. We went dendo-ing and my companion told me to do it like the first time ever while not knowing what to do! It was scary, but it's less scary now that I've done it lik 40 times. We've been talking to everyone who will listen and stopping them on the streets and handing out chirashi's and inviting to eikaiwa. So far, not really much success.
Actually two days ago, no one would listen to us at all. NO ONE! It was a long, rough, long day. I prayed a lot that people who were ready would find us the next day and that we would be able to find them, and yesterday was great :) Lots of people were listening and we made an appointment (sort of) with a Zambia-jin. He wanted to know what was different with our church and we told him about Joseph smith and the Spirit was there to testify. We told him we'd get him a book of Mormon and we'd shoot him an email and set up a time to meet and talk to him.
Something I've noticed, while I was in the General Conference choir the director said a girl came up to him a long time ago when they were singing the same song and said "some songs you can really feel the spirit in all the time and this song is one of them (speaking of Praise to the Man). I really felt the same way. I could feel the Spirit bearing testimony everytime I sang it and I felt it when I testified the other day and I felt it when i was reading this morning. The spirit is constantly bearing witness to me that God the Father and Jesus Christ appeared to Joseph Smith and that through him they established Their church. I have no doubt and never have had any.
Anyways, another interesting thing. We decided to sit down and eat some muffins yesterday around lunch time and a lady just walked up to us and started talking to us about who we were and Christ and all sorts of stuff. She came to us and wants to come to English class and hopefull we'll get a chance to share the gospel with her. She was a little odd, but everyone we talk to is a child of God and I'm excited to help them realize that.
You only did one day of housing your whole mission? wow. I did my first yesterday and it was only for a half hour or so, but every second we're traveling or anything my companion and I are stopping people and telling them about the Gospel. My companion doesn't like to waste a second. He is such a hard worker and very bold. Really nice but a little pushy, but thats just his personality haha. I love him. We get along well and are doing good work. We're really trying to focus on getting investigators through tthe ward members so we talk to them a lot (or are trying to). yesterday i did a jiko shokai in sacrament meeting and bore my testimony. it was great. I also set up some appointments with members and just buitl trust with them wehrer I could.
WE taught a member the other day that just started being active again and my companio0n told me right before we went in I was going to teach him the restoration. I was freaking out a little, but it ended up going pretty ok. Im glad it was a member.
We get up every morning and go on a 25 minute run around the city and a nice small park everyday. It's awesome...and big. REALLY big. I have no idea where I am most of the time, but I'll learn eventually. First I have to start recognizing kanji and stuff.
I'm sorry for the extra work dad! hang in there! I'm struggling here every once and a while too. It can be pretty hard when we don't accomplish most of our goals and no one will listen to us, but we try to keep big smiles on our face and find the elect who will hear about God. I loved the army phrases haha. Is that grandpa Sotto's?
I thought I learned the language fast in the MTC, it's coming way faster here as for speaking becasue that's what I'm doing all day every day. It's fun, but I miss being able to express myself.
Your hair is awesome mom! I love playing with your hair! All little kids will love it I'm sure haha. I'm glad to hear everything is going well. I'm praying for youall and I'm so excited that everyone is doing well. I show my family picture to a lot of people with my sisters and all the nieces and Aaron. It's fun stuff. Anyways, I think my cmpanion wants to go so I better get going! We have a couple appointments today (on P-Day! He likes to work hard) but I'm excited. I'll talk to you later!
Love you! Bye!!!