Sunday, May 13, 2012

Keep telling everyone I'm loving it and that it truly is the Lord's work! I'm glad to hear :)

After church yesterday we helped some NA move a fridge and he was like  "I'm definitely coming to church now!" haha. I hope he's serious. Then we went and ate lunch with the singles ward and there was an american sister that got to Japan just last week for studies and she knows one of my doki (elders at the same time in the MTC). She knew elder Geslison! he was in my district. Tonikaku, We ate some super delicious food and there is this member that just got back from his mission that's awesome. We're all good friends. His name is Abe Kyodai and he's like the coolest guy in the world haha. So fun and a great person for member lessons. I'm so jealous of native speakers ability to communicate. Even when you figure out how to speak they still know how to say just the right things like you can't haha. it's ok though, a smile is worth a thousand words (maybe just 100 in japanese, that's why I have to smile extra long!! Then we taughtsome members the first lesson and I led that. It went awesome and you could feel the spirit very strong and they gave us some refferals and it just went great :)
Today for P-day we're going to take the trolley thing in the sky up the mountain and ponder in the woods our lives and great things like why tiny tiny wings on a bug can hold it up while it flies...deep I know. 
     There are big huge piles of brown snow that bulldozers piled up every once and a while, but no random snow. It's all gone. And today is beautiful finally!
There are a lot of different wards we can go to because we're in the middle of the city, but we go to the SHinkotoni ward becasue of a member that was just baptized and they're awesome. There is this old grandma lady that is so funny and sweet and cool that is just adorable and the people are wonderful and really busy usually haha People in Jpaan are crazy busy all the time. And they don't go camping much or do boy scouts or anything! Poor youth!
My bike is a new one that I got for 500 dollars and I've had to get an electronic jisho (dictionary) for 60 dollars at a used store and I'm trying not to spend money! There is just so much stuff I need to start off! It's crazy. But I'm going to try to budget as best as I can for the rest of the time now that I'm getting all settled in.
I did get the leters you sent! It worked! Eurika! So thanks! If it costs a lot of money you don't have to send them too often. I don't have much time to read them right away usually. Just on P-day so whenever you want :) 
     That's soooooooooo expensive!!! I can't beleive you really tried to send me Peanut Butter! haha Thank you! We ahve some right now but it's really low. The Honbu buys it from costco and we can buy it from them so sometimes we can get it. We also have some Nutella right now and I usually have Nutella and Peanut Butter on my toast. Half and half and fold it into a sandwich :) after toasting it of course. It's delicious! 
     Jenny and Julie Greenwood finally got their calls!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That's awesome! Could you facebook them for me and tell them I'm sooooooo excited for them and tell them how great the work is! Onegaishimasu!!!! 
     Thank you for your stories as well. I'm working on better goal setting so I'll do my best! Ganbarimasuyo!
     Thank you for your stories too chichi. I wonder that every once and a while too. With how often we get rejected I wonder sometimes if lpeople even care, but I know that the Lord has been preparing these people to hear this message and it's only a matter of His timing till they receive it. I'm excited to show my faith and hope in that by being happy and optomistic and outgoing and fun all the time :) That's something interesting I learned about faith and hope today with my doryo during our gakkushu. Faith is acting on what you believe and hope is more the feeling. It is how you act becasue of your faith. And by being happy and expecting miracles I'm showing my hope and as I work hard I'm showing my faith. It's a wonderful thing the gospel :) How everythign connects so perfectly :)  
     One more fun thing that happened this week is we went to an ongaku fireside (music) and it was amazing! THeree was a proffessional pianist that played a few songs like clair de lune and they were more than gorgeious. I was hanging on every second waiting at the end of my chair for the next note. And a guy sang danny boy in english and japanese and it was awesome. Then there was a clarinet and saxiphone number that was the EFY Melody with the proffesional piano playing in the back. It was awesome! I love the clarinet and saxiphone! especially the saxiphone. i want to pick it up when I get back. There was a lot more but those stuck out to me and I realized how much I miss being a part of musical things! but I should get a chance becasue Evans Shimai is really musical and sets things up often I hear. 
     Keep telling everyone I'm loving it and that it truly is the Lord's work! I'm glad to hear :)  
   Anyways, I have to go share the good word now! And play on the mountain at the same time. I love you so so so sos ssooooooooooooooooooooooo much@@@@@@@@!!!!!!! (wrong button. I hope everything goes well! I love you! Mata ato de! 
    Elder Sotto (Your Kyujin--giant in japanese) I was called that the other day haha. See ya!