Monday, May 28, 2012

I already miss the nature and beauty! Sapporo is really beautiful is some areas (like Moiwa) but I'm in the big city most of the time.

Dear Kazoku,
woah! Mixing it up on me. With so much change going on here I don't know if I can handle the change for who emails first :P
Oh no!...I hope he'll be alright.(Richard's dad had a bad spell) I hope and pray everyday that I'll be able to see him again. Its so strange that life is constantly changing, but I guess that's a good thing. Allows us to grow :) I'll keep praying! I'm just so grateful we know about the plan of salvation :) that's so great that you got to give him a blessing though! I can't imagine the feelings in that room. Wow.
I can't believe camp is here already! I already miss the nature and beauty! Sapporo is really beautiful is some areas (like Moiwa) but I'm in the big city most of the time. Because my companion (Davis Choro) is the district leader I go on splits with the Moiwa people once a week! Its a ton of fun and I get to see all sorts of different ways of doing things. I'm so glad for the experience.
That's a great insight. It makes me think about my blessing to receive the Melchizidek priesthood. Thank you for the insight :)(about a blessing Richard gave to his dad)
thanks for the Japanese too!
How fun! you get to teach! Good luck!
As for the questions:
Lessons: We have one sister taking the lessons and she wants baptism but she may be a little sick in the head and not need baptism. We're still figuring it out, but she is as close as we have to an investigator haha. Then there are two other young guys that we've met with once that might become investigators. People here aren't typically very interested in our message or they're scared of us or they just ignore us, but we're always looking for the elect who will accept us.
Ward: The coolest person in the ward (we go to a lot but he's in Shinkotoni) is Abe Kyodai. He's a returned missionary of about 2 months and is a great team up and friend and is still being a missionary in everything basically haha. he's just so chill and fun and cool and helps out a lot. He just received the calling of Elders Quorum president yesterday actually. Also the Maruyama kazoku is awesome. The parents had us come over for dinner yesterday and teach about missionary work and so we just talked about the msision and what we did to prepare and it was really from the heart and the mom really wants to do better as a member missionary. She wants to be a good example for her kids (who aren't terribly interested in gospel stuff it seems) and she's just awesome. It must be hard here for the kids not having many lds friends and such. I've always been so blessed growing up! But slowly japan in changing. In Jacob 5 it talks about how its a process that happens little by little, the good grows and the bad wains.
Area Leaders: My District leader is my companion Davis Choro and my zone leaders are Kogure Choro and Hueffner Choro. Kogure Choro lives in teh apartment with Davis choro and I and he's awesome. he shines our shoes every sunday morning and is just so kind. Hueffner Choro is a red head and is extremely funny and nice. I left my planner at his apartment in Moiwa and he wrote for today in it. It said "tell elder Hueffner He's awesome and that it was his surprise un-birthday party, so this morning we bought him some dallor slippers and put bows on them and sang happy birthday and he was so confused haha. It was hilarious! He was like "My birthday isn't till september! What are you talking about?!" :P
Packages: I wasn't home when the packages were delivered so I have to go to the post office to get them.
I have a favor to ask. If you could facebook laurel larsen and benjamin olsen and ask them for simple easy quick ideas on how to follow up with people and keep contact with them everyday without being weird. Calling people everyday freaks them out but we want to keep contact with them everyday. I need some creative ideas and they're the most creative people I know probably. If you could do that I would be very greatful! Also thank them so much for their friendship! Also if you want to ask anyone for ideas that would be great! The ward, anyone!
So for my week right after the email last time we went to visit a referal Davis Choro's dad sent to him. His dad is an engineer on the Sapporo Temple and he's working with a business here in Sapporo. So we visited them and it was in a huge building on the 8th floor and we were brought to a nice waiting room and when the people came in we introduced ourselves and asked if they had any questions and they had a ton. WE just sat and talked to them about the temple and why it's important and they showed us all the blueprints and pictures of what it will look like and the inside and it was amazing!!!!!!!!!!! We are so blessed and lucky for that! the temple will plant so many seeds for the people in Sapporo. I'm so excited!
The only otherthing that I can remember to talka bout is that Asai choro (my doki) told me "before you arrived you were winnie the Pooh" I was so confused, but he was talking about me eating the peanut butter with a spoon right out of the jar like winnie the pooh haha. I think I told this before...oh well haha. I've felt the Spirit so much this week and I've definitely felt the strengthening power of the Atonement. There was a moment that was pretty hard for me, but when I prayed I immediately felt wrapped in the arms of my Savior. His atonement is real. he lives. And He loves everyone individually. He knows my pains, my trials, my ups, my downs. He is my master and my friend. I wait and wait for others to come to this knowledge and I'll do all I can to help them. Thank you so much for your love and prayers. I feel them and I am strengthened by them.
I can't really think of everything I want to say. There's too much. I guess the most important is that I love you so very much. I can't think of much else that matters to say. Please tell Grandpa Sotto how much I love him and pray for him. I really do miss him and love him so so much. Please let him know this and know that our Father is always waiting for us to come to him with open arms. Always. His arms never fail to be lengthened to us. Let everyone else know I love them too and I pray for them. Thank you so much! I love you so much! Bye bye!
Elder Sotto

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