Thursday, May 10, 2012

So this week...hmmm....

Dear Family,
I hven't gotten any mail yet, but I'm still waiting patiently! It's a lot easier to think about home and get distracted when you never have any idea what people are saying. That's honestly the harderst part. I want to accomplishmy purpose and be tyhe best I can be and make friends and teach with power and udnerstand peoples needs, but the fact of the matter is I don't right now and wont for a long time. I'm learning 10 new words a day and 1 or 2 new bunpo a day and hoping that it'll start flowing sometime soon. it's crazy hard, but it will come and I'm excited for the time that it does! Do you have any advice for dendoing?
I would love hearing one or two things you think would be useful leverytime though! It's so fun and interesting. Everyone here loves your mission stories by the way. I tell them as I read and everybody thinks they're awesome haha :) So thank you! I love love love! hearing about things at home and the fun things.

So this week...hmmm....

Well, we were doing service cutting up a bunch of wood at an NA's house and they feed us everytime, but the boy comes out with this big squirt gun looking thing from just a store on the cornr i guess. Turns out it was a flame thrower! Crazy huh! I was scared haha, but they were burning up the grass and we made a little fire and put bricks around it and roasted strawberry marshamellows over it with them for a little. It was so fun! They were so scared of getting anywhere nearthe fire though. Luckily God sent us rain so they wouldn't have to put it out (they were so scared! haha). By the way, the marshmellows here are way better haha.

I've lent a bunch of money to my doryo because all the banks here were closed becasue it was golden week and people don't work duing golden week. So he's taking me out to yakiniku today and I'm so excited!!!!!!!! The food here is so good. I don't know why I worried. I eat noodles and rice for like every meal and it's mixed with all sorts of meat and vegetables. So good. Every morning I just have toast, cereal, and scrambled eggs. Everything is so crazy expensive here! I'm spending so much money for things I need. Today I need an electric jisho and a smaller backpack and just other stuff for my bike, but I hope I don't overdraw! You should probably check my account sometime.
We do have an account here and we're allowed to take out money for food and some things but personal things are the biggest expense right now. I'm not positive how it all works, but it works haha.\

Also this week we ran into a kid visiting from taiwan who spoke no english or japanese but he was so excited to see us! He pulle dout his wallet and showed us a picture of a guy that I guess baptized him and was getting married soon. Then we acted out what baptism looked like to see if he had been baptized and he was excitedly shaking his head yes haha. Funny experience.

This week we have visited a ton of members and had great lessons. We testify about Joseph Smith's experience and the Spirit is always there. I memorized it! an I'm reciting it a lot in lessons. We've been building trust and asking them for referalls and a lot are giving them. Right now we have a couple investigators and I'm not sure how interested they are, but our goal is to help 3 of them recieve baptism this transfer (a big goal here, but I know they can do it!). I'm excited to see how it will bless their lives. I know how the gosple has and continues to bless my life, but they don't see that as often. They don't often think about God and deeping things like that and just don't care right now, but sometimes we find a kinjin.

Well that's all that I can think of right now. Soooo....have a great week and this is my report! Signing out... :P

Elder Sotto =D

P.S. I have very very little time to ever write so I'd love to get letters but I may answer them through you if that's alright. Thank you!!!!!!!!!! I love you!!!!!!!! BYE!!!!!!!!!!`111111111111@@@@@@@@ haha