Monday, May 21, 2012

Ya! I'm a monkey! haha No surprise there (He was born in the Japanese year of the monkey)

Mom Dad! I don't have a lot of time to email but I'll tell you about things that happened for a little.
Also I can upload pictures here so that's how I'm going to get pictures home!
Woah! Camp starts so soon! I forgot! Time is just flying by here. Tonikaku.
So this week was awesome! Saturday I got back from splits with another Elder named Elder Stuart (awesome guy!) and we had a great lesson the day before where the spirit was sooo strong. I could just feel it so much when he testified. Unfortunately the investigator had to be dropped because he wouldn't except anything. That was the last time they were going to visit. It's sad to see that, but anyways. Saturday we got back and dendoed for an hour and then did service for someone in the Shinkotoni ward. We tore down their big dog house thing and then taught a short lesson. Then we went to the ward building for a ward taikai (event). It was an ongaku fireside! and Davis Choro and I were performing! We sang Book of Mormon Stories with a blanket over our shoulders for a costume and acted it out and everything, then we sang Snowman, then Jesus wants me for a sunbeam, and then Love is Spoken here and it went great! It was so fun! And then we played a game there where we couldn't show our teeth and we kept a beat on our laps and we had to pick a favorite shrimp. We had to tell ours and then anothers in a funny way and try and get them to laugh and show their teeth and it was hilarious! Davis Choro and I were the last two standing :P Awwww ya :D haha. Then we left early because a lady thought we were supposed to meet with her that night and she called everyone to get ahold of us and she was so excited that Christ visited the Americas and she is a wonderful friend that we have high hopes for. Her name is Nishino San and she is 78. So we went over and talked for a bit and then went to church with her yesterday and she looooved it! We're meeting again wednesday and we already invited her to receive the blessings of baptism and she is thinking about it. I'm so excited for the blessings that it will bring to her. I can see her standing already at the temple doors just excited as ever to go in :DDDDDDDDDD Anyways, then we biked about 16 miles total yesterday to get to our appointments and I was so tired, but without fail we got up and ran in the morning todoay haha.  Also right before personal study at 8 there was a partial solar eclipse! It was so hard to see because the sun in so bright but I stared at it anyway and it look like an arch! haha. I coudln't see anything after it :P Also the shading in the town changed and it was jlust awesome :)
Ya! I'm a monkey! haha.(He was born in the Japanese year of the monkey) No surprise there :P Keep excercising! It makes you feel so much better! My legs are already getting larger biking everywhere and running every morning. It's crazy sauce. Anyways, I'm glad to hear everything is going well! Tell everyone I love them! Oh wait! The Questions! Here they are:
I sleep on a futon and there is no trouble getting to bed. After my prayers I lay my head down and I don't move until 6 the next morning every morning. I sleep so good! Like a rock! A very big rock :P Also we've been getting up 30 minutes earlier so we have more time in the mornings so I've been up at 6 all this week. It's so nice and it doesn't make too much of a difference. I'm never tired because we go running every morning. It's great :)
I am sending pictures through this! Tanoshinde Kudasai! (please enjoy! :P)
I think the thing that I miss most about home is Captain crunch. They only have flakes here :P They're good, but nothing beats good old peanut butter crunch :) yumm.
I love you! Until next week! Then I'll love you some more :D haha. Bye Bye!