Friday, July 6, 2012

If there's anything you need...well...just let God know and he will help!

I've been diligently writing in my journal, but I'm always forgetting things! I think it's because I always feel so rushed and such. We work long and hard. This week was pretty hard. We had a lot of lessons planned but only 2 of them came through so we did a lot of streeting. And since we're in the city there isn't much housing to be done so sometimes the streeting seems endless. But we're always working to find new people who will listen! And we're always seeing blessings :)
Yesterday Davis Choro and I split to go to two different wards because we had investigators coming. The one that came to my ward is really interesting. He gave us back the book of mormon we gave him and asked if we had something easier to read so we gave him all the pamplets. He's really interested in the Plan of Salvation and actually made his own chart according to what he thought the plan of salvation was, but it had a lot of things that were incorrect so we're going to correct them next time we meet. He's really quite interesting. The first time I met him on splits he asked me if I was from the church that doesn't marry and I said "Heck no I definitely want to marry!" And so he invited us to his house to teach him. I'm not sure how much interest he has, but he wants to learn and I'm excited to teach him :)
Tell grandma that I'm really excited to play cards with her after my mission! I can't believe I've already been a missionary for 5 months! It's crazy! I don't have that much time left! I need to keep going and find the people who are ready! I'm amazed by how fast this is going.
That makes me feel good! I miss doing the Grizzly Hunt! Nazukashii! Maybe the Mitchell no yona staffer could do it! :P I don't know. Just make sure they go all out! How is Lisa doing by the way? I hope good!
I actually read Alma 17 this morning about Ammon and the kings sheep. It really inspired me. I've been a little less focused because of all the finding and streeting we're doing sometimes and I forget that I really am connected to the Lord when I remember my purpose: To invite others to Come unto Christ... Ammon was fearless and knew that he was on the Lords errand so he just went up to those guys and started throwing rocks at them and smiting their arms off and such! Maybe I should try that for dendo...hmm...:P Jodan! But I really do need to remember to be fearless and remember my calling. I'm excited to keep learning and growing :)
I'm not sure what a venetian blind is, but I'm giong to start using Yorokonde so itashimasho!(from dad's comments) Thank you so much! I love you all sooooooooooo much! If there's anything you need...well...just let God know and he will help! :)
See you later! Happy 4th of July! Take lots of pictures and enjoy playing KYB on the shores of McCall!
Bye Bye!

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