Saturday, July 14, 2012

Konbanwa!I got to go with Asai Choro and stop people on the streets with my gaijin(foreigner) power and he would capture them with his Nihongo(Japanese) (great combo).

Konbanwa! O genki desu ka? I'm genki :D Kore kara senshu no katsudou o tsutaemasu!...tabun kakimasu :P Tsutaetara ii desu keredemo kakukoto wa daijoubu desu.
This week was fun but pretty taihen. I did splits with different elders for most of the week. I went with the elders in our apartment and it was always way fun, but it threw off our schedules and everything. I got to go with Asai Choro and stop people on the streets with my gaijin power and he would capture them with his Nihongo (great combo). Then I went with Yanez Choro for two days straight and it was interesting ha. Yanez Choro is such a goof. Way fun though haha.
But a lot of great things have happened this week! While I was gone Davis choro got two baptismal dates with two of our new friends. One is Indian and the other is such a huge miracle! His name is Fuji san! He called me on splits and I was with a bean that was on his first transfer from Finland, so I answered the phone and had no idea what he was saying for a while, but then I started to understand and it turnes out we handed him a chirashi (little card with our information) and he wanted to know how to make his life better and know how to be more happy. He's had a way hard life and we called him the other day to encourage him to pray and he prayed with us over the phone! It was so amazing! I love this work :)
Every once and a while I get a little frustrated because I don't understand the language as I wiould like, but that will come. Until then I'll work hard and do my best! 
That quote that you told me really means a lot chichioya. sometimes its hard to work hard because you feel inadequate, but I'll be working my best and growing all I can. I may be getting a companion in a week and a half so we'll see what happens! Maybe it'll be a Nihonjin and I'll be forced to speak Japanese all the time! I hope it's a Nihonjin! I love all the Nihonjin friends i've made here. It's so fun to talk with them and break the barrier of language! 
By the way, I think we're reading in the same place in the Scriptures dad. I got through Alma 23 today :) Fun!
The last couple P-days have been really busy preparing for the Ongaku fireside on the 21st. Evans Shimai (Kaicho's wife--mission mom...not nearly as cool as you of course. Not even close becasue I lov eyou soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much!!!!!!!!!!) found out that I love to sing music and she loves that I can sight read (thank Mr. Lapp for me please!). It's been such a blessing in music it's not even funny. But I'm singing all sorts of different songs. I have a duet in "If you could Hie to Kolob" and I'm singin in a quartet for I believe in Christ and its soooooooooooooo fun! I love singing!!!!!!!!! It really brings the Spirit :) 
I'm glad to hear how everyone is doing! It's sad that lucky is getting old, but I guess it happens to all of us. Sometimes I feel old...then I laugh and feel silly :P
The firework Dekigoto (occurence, event) is so funny! I wish I could have seen that!
Thank you for the Japanese dad!
I talked to president Evans about your missionary experience with the Zone Leaders and asked him if that's why I'm with Davis Choro (He's Zone and District leader). He just laughed haha. It's been fun with Davis Choro and I'm excited for the other great times ahead with new experiences :)
As for your questions:
Language- The Language is coming and I can understand a lot more. It's amazing how fast it's coming. Everyone is telling me how umai (good) I am. Everyone we talk to on the streets :) I have been so blessed and I'm excited to learn even more!
Letters- I've been getting some letters from my other Elderly friends (get it...Elder-ly :P). Not many from anyone else. Except one today from a college friend! I never got the second box you talked about. Just the peanut butter. But thank you for that! It was fun scooping peanut butter out of a bag :P
P-day- Not really anything to crazy. We go out to eat and stuff. Today we went out for sushi with a potential investigator and ate baskin robins after. It was delicious! I love sushi! I ate cooked Eel!!!!!!!!! and It was sugoku Oishi!!!!!! I love japanese food :P Weird I know. You wouldn't recognize me now ;)
Cooking- I know how to make rice...cut vegetables...and cereal :P haha. Not really anything else. I can make it up though. Rice is everything here. We just make rice then cut up vegetables and meat and put it on a frying pan and pour it over the rice with sauce :) But I'm sure I'll learn a little more eventually. We tried to make Indian Nan one day and it turned out like pancakes haha. Still good though :)
By the way dad, Sore de gaman suru shika nai is the most shizen way of saying it I guess (I just asked). Thank you so much!.
Well, kore kara kaeru to omoimasu. Tabun tabetari hanashitari...netari :P No I won't sleep, but I'm off! I love you all so much!!
Bye Bye!

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