Sunday, July 22, 2012

So I got my tenkin call on tuesday and I`m going to...drum role... ... ...

Hello Family!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So I got my tenkin call on tuesday and I`m going to...drum role... ... ... Hakodate (はこだて)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Actually I`m emailing from the church in Hakodate right now! :D When I found out I was coming here everyone told me that Hakodate is like the retirement home for missionaries. Even Evans Shimai said that before I left for here! haha. I didn`t realize how right they were till I got here. It`s soooooo beautiful! The town is big but not too big and it`s right on the edge of the ocean so there`s a cool ocean breeze and it`s just a really nice place. I`ve only been here one day and this is my impression :P I`m so excited for this transfer!!!!!!!!! Ahhhhh!!!!!! haha.
Usually all the missionaries transfer on thursday at what they call the tenkin spot (transfer spot). It`s at the Sapporo Eki in the heat of the town. I got to go to pick up my new companion! His name is Kimball Choro from Dallas, Texas! He`s so cool and I`m so excited to be working with him! He thinks of himself as a little nerdy, but that just means I can show my nerdy side a little more :P but we didnt leave on thursday like missionaries usually do. We stayed in Oodori until sunday after church because of the big Ongaku no Yube saturday night at the stake center. We streeted for a couple days while we were there and because his Bike was in Hakodate we took a mamachatti from the Honbu and I rode it so he could take my bike. Unfortunately, I must be getting fatter because we were about a 20minute bike ride from home and my back tire popped and the tube got tangled in the back wheel so I had to carry the bike back to the Honbu for an hour...I felt like a beast :P Kimball Choro and I had lots of good time to talk though so it was kinda nice :)
But the Ongaku no Yube was soooooo much fun! I was able to sing in almost all of the songs and even had a duet for one of them! I didn`t get any recordings, but Sister Evans had it recorded so they`re going to make a mission CD! I`m so excited to hear how it sounds! It probably won`t be out for a while, but I definitely want one. After that we went to church in My new Companion`s bean area )out in Higashi (east Sapporo). He got to see his convert and we met two nice people from taiwan there (they may try to friend me on facebook. If they do go ahead and let them in! His name is either Jason or Q haha). If you don`t understand then don`t worry about it :P They want me to come visit them in taiwan after my mission by the way :P After church we went to the sapporo eki and caught our train. It was about a 3 hour ride and it was great time to bond with my new Doryo. He`s very different from my dad (trainer Davis Choro) but a great missionary none the less. His desires are great and so we`ll see lots of miracles :)
So this last week in Oodori has been crazy. We had an extra person in our companionship (Brubaker Choro) from sunday till thursday (tenkin day) because his companion became AP and had to come to Oodori to be trained. We had so much fun as a sannin! (3 person companionship). We did a lot of great work. 
The best part of our week together though was when we taught our beloved taxi driver friend Suzuki San. His baptismal date was set for September, but he told us in our lesson that he knew all of what we were saying was true so we moved the baptismal date to this coming sunday! I don`t get to see it, but just that fact that he`s going to recieve the blessings of baptism brings me so much joy! It`s amazing how the Lord`s hand is involved in things. I found him on a day that I wasn`t feeling so great and when I talked to him I was having so much trouble speaking Japanese and it was probably the worst converstion in the world, but when I asked him if he wanted to hear more he very humbly accepted, and now he`s getting I`m constantly amazed by how little I can do without the Lord and how merciful He is to those who are humble and come to him. I`m constantly pondering the miracle Suzuki san is and I`m so excited for the blessings the Lord has in store for him :)
So that`s been my week. Way fun :)
I bet the kids had fun up in Robie Creek! I`ve always wanted to go up there during the summer and play in the river! We`ll all have to go again when I get back!
I kind of recognize the names but I don`t think I knew them well at all. I`m really grateful that I had all the family close by in Boise though. That made growing up even more enjoyable. PLaying cards at grandma and grandpa`s house on Sunday nights will always be one of my fondest memories :)
Dad got to baptize him! That`s wonderful! I`m so happy for him!
Aww, I miss Jessica so much too! It`s funny how good of friends we became over the past couple years. Tell her I love her and there are still great times ahead :)
I have had fanta melon since I`ve been here! They have vending machines everywhere! Literally everywhere! In the most random places they`ll just have a vending machine. On the sides of rodes, back streets, in the middle of nowhere. I guess they have hot chocolate in them too for the winter. I`m excited for that! And I`m excited to try out my winter clothes! They`ve just been taking up suitcase space up till now.
Seth is going to Boise Idaho! If you see an Elder Hoyt say hello to him from me! He`s a good friend from college!
I wish I could go to girls camp and eat that death by chocolate with you dad. I get good little snacks here at the konbini`s but nothing that good haha.
I haven`t felt any earthquakes yet. I sleep too hard at night :P haha. 
As always thanks for the Japanese! I`m most happy that I understand more andmore everytime I get them from you and sometimes I already know ;) If you have any good study methods I`d be interested to hear! I keep changing mine which is good  but I love to hear new ideas all the time! I`m always asking other missionaries how they study.
Thanks for everything! I have to go register my geijin card now! I love you all sooooooooooooo much! 
Mata ne!

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