Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Choice by choice we either become more Christlike or less Christlike

Hello Familia! Ope...machigatta. Kazoku! That sounds better :P
The temple is open now! Yay! I`ve always wanted to go in the Boise temple :)

The Baseball game was sooooooooooooooooo cooooooooooooooooooooool! I`ve never been to a baseball game first off, plus Japan is so awesome! They have cheers for everything and there is no boo-ing or anything. They just cheer for their team and are quiet when the other team plays. Way fun. It was the Nippon Ham fighters at the Sapporo Dome. Very cool deshita :P
It`s started getting a little cooler this week, but last week was still very hot. I think all my winter gear will be perfect though! I may have to buy a neck cover or something, but that won`t be too expensive or hard to find.
I know! I can`t believe how literal the gift of tongues is. The rate at which I`m able to learn and grasp things and grow is incredible. I`m pretty comfortable with the language now too I`d say, though english has gotten a lot harder haha. I`ve had a little trouble with that lately :P.
I`ve had a couple fun memories about Japan every once and a while. I am actually in an apartment with an Elder Peterson who moved in to Yokota a couple years after we moved out, and we got to talking. It turns out he lived in the exact same building we did haha. We were in B when we lived there and he was in A, but it was the same building on Truemper lane. Crazy!!!!!! But we had a great talk about that.
I`d say the best thing that helped me with all the Japanese stuff is just understanding before I got here that foreign countries aren`t as foreign as we think in our minds. People are all still people. Some different cultural stuff, but the people are the same in general. As for the language...not really much help haha. Just kidding. it was nice to go into the MTC with some background knowledge of the language already knowing Hiragana and Katakana. It gave me a lot more confidence to succeed, but all my knowledge was covered in a bout a week at the MTC, then I learned a lot more haha. Now the language doesn`t even seem like a language anymore sometimes. It`s just a natural thing that I`m getting better at all the time. So I would say that previous things did help, yes :)
Strange that not everything has frozen in America while I`m here for two years :P Sometimes it feels that way. You expect everything to stay the same when in reality, life is very much changing for everyone. 
Is the ward looking small? I think the size of the building has something to do with it too. The wards here are all between 20-80 active members. All my wards have been around 40-70 people so far. Well, make sure everyone gets involved with the missionaries and you`ll see a lot of miracles. 
You`re going to Kellie`s! Say hello for me!!!!!!!!! And to Natalie and Matt as well :)
Is it already almost Christmas!?...wow. Time is going much too fast...I can`t believe how fast. It really would be nice if it stopped for a minute and gave us a chance to take a deep breath and then continue on haha. 
I hope grandma morgan keeps doing well! I`ll pray for her!
My week has been intersting haha. I will definitely say that I am always changing. You face challenges that you`ve never faced before and they definitely challenge your character and faith. I think these last two transfers have been some of the biggest growing experiences of my life, but there`s so many choices I regret dealing with how I`ve reacted with people I work with and stuff. I was reading a talk called The 4th missionary today and it really made me think about my character and how I want to be known and seen and such, but it`s all determined by what we plan on and choose to be now. Choice by choice we either become more Christlike or less Christlike, so it`s good to think how you will react if the situation occurs, beforehand. 
Anyways, the trials come and go, but the miracles never cease. The Lord has blessed us plentifully here. The people are all wonderful, they just often don`t even realizing the things that they`re missing in their lives and we get to help those people who are wanting to find the blessings that the Lord is waiting and wanting to give. It`s wonderful.
Well, I think that`s about it, but I may have a few pictures, so I`ll talk to everyone next week!
Bye Bye!
Oh! P.S. I will be sending the real power of attorney soon just a heads up. Also, as for sightseeing and stuff, would you rather me not do those things because they cost some money? I`m fine either way, I just feel a little bad when I have to use personal money for anything.
Thanks! Love you! Bye!

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