Tuesday, September 11, 2012

The weird thing is that when they cut it up it`s still moving!

Hello family! Everything is wonderful down here in Hakodate! I don`t have a lot of time so this one will be quick!
Saturday we had another baptism (the other elders) and one of our investigators and her daughters came! They were really confused, but she`s having us over for dinner tonight and we`re going to explain it more :) Really excited!
This morning was a lot of fun. All the elders went to the fish market and I caught a squid from a huge swimming bucket thing they had and then they cut it up in front of us and gave us the edible parts. It was actually pretty good! The weird thing is that when the cut it up it`s still moving! So I would pick up the legs to eat them and when I set them in the soy sauce mix thing, they started wriggling! So weird!!! But it was pretty delicious :P Oh Japan haha. I really do love it here. Very different, but very nice :)
The language is coming great! I`m able to say most everything I want to even if it comes out weird :P understanding is still pretty hard sometimes, but that`s just a matter of learning new words and listening really well because people speak really fast and say things differently than they are spelled sometimes, so you have to be on your toes! (which are just called fingers in Japan).
Thanks for telling me how to count! haha. I got a kick out of that.
We haven`t had anyone come speak to us since I`ve been here, but maybe soon!
It`s great to hear that everyone is doing well!
A lot of people have been asking about elections lately and they look at me funny when I have no opinion really haha. Japan is an intersting place. The people have a pretty happy lifestyle so sometimes it`s harder to find people who want to change to make their lives better, but the Lord knows who does and He`s helping us to find them.
Right now I`m a little unsatisfied with my teaching ability, so that means I`ll just have to focus on that more! Any advice on how to teach better in Japanese? or in general?
Other than that...I think I`m good :) I love hearing from you all and I`m so excited for all that great things that lie ahead in the future!
Love you all soooooooooooooo much :)
Tell Grandma and Granpa thankyou for the mail and I love them and wish them luck in the garden! I want to come work with them when I get back!
Alright, talk to you next week! Bye Bye!

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