Tuesday, September 4, 2012

The nighttime view on Hakodate Yama was really pretty! and really peaceful. Check it out on my blog

Hello! I`m wonderful down here in...hakodate! I`m still here with Dear Elder Kimball for at least one more transfer and I`m excited for the work we get to do here :)
Provo! natsukashii! Everything is going to be all built and running by the time I come back. Speaking of which, I have an outragious question to ask. The Sapporo Temple is being dedicated a little bit after I come home. I`m guessing we won`t be attending that? :P haha. My guess is no. Expensive desho. So anyways :P
The nighttime view on Hakodate Yama was really pretty! and really peaceful. I loved it. I think it would have been better if there weren`t a ton of people up there because it was the end of summer vacation, but it was gorgeous. Sunsets in Japan are really really pretty! I`ll try and post some pictures.
It`s great to hear everyone is doing well!
This week was amazing. My companion was asked by one of the sisters investigators to baptize her, so he got to do that saturday night and all the missionaries got to sing a song called Miidasou My Friend (I`ll find you my friend). It`s really nice :) She`s 13 and at the end of her program we sang As sisters in Zion and it made me think of you mom and my sisters. I`ve always had a very strong testimony of the Love of God for his daughters and the song really touched me. The next day when she was confirmed in sacrament meeting I was able to stand in and I haven`t felt the spirit so strongly in a while. When the speaker said "seirei o ukenasai" (receive the spirit) It was like a wall that just hit. Amazing.
That was actually just yesterday and yesterday had some more miracles as well. We were housing and I got into a pretty good talk with a man while my companion played with his kid and it came to the point where he asked if he could feel God`s love if he gave us 10 minutes. I promised him yes but he decided against it after that. Then I kept encouraging him to just try and read a little of  Alma 32 with him about desiring to believe and we kept talking, but when it came to the point he decided no. After all that we had talked about he still said no and I had nothing left to do but testify. So I started to testify and I felt the power of the Spirit so strongly. It brought up some emotions as well. The end result was interesting. We had both felt the spirit and he finally said "If I read this book 10 minutes everyday like you said how long will it take?" I told him maybe half a year. He said he would read and give us a call if he has questions. Amazing. I felt very humble the rest of the night.
         Then on the way home it was a fast sunday and I was praying for rain because it looked like it was going to and it sounded really refreshing in the hot weather, but my companion then told me "I hope it doesnt rain" haha. How was God going to grant both of our desires? Well, like this. He sent like a misty sprinkly rain that wasn`t strong enough to get us wet really, but cooled us off while we biked 45 minutes home. GOD ANSWERS PRAYERS!
There are other miracles this week too, but I don`t have my journal with me.
We`re going to do a lot of finding this week! One of our investigators had to move for his work and the other turns out to be Schizophrenic...so ya haha.
On the plus side we have two friends possibly coming to church on sunday!
so yes, lots of ups and downs, but things are great and I`m glad to be here :)
Well, I`m going to go do the hatchidai challenge now. It`s where you have like 5 layers of ice cream (really tall) and you have to eat it in 20 seconds...wish me luck! :P hahaha.
I love you all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Bye Bye!

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