Monday, October 22, 2012

I`m just breaking the surface of all the potential God has given me!

Hello Family! This week was fantasticallismic! And I can`t remember how to speak english at all anymore! :P haha.

So this week was one of those weeks that you were sad when P-day comes because you`ve been seeing so many miracles! The one that I want to share is about the same person I talked about last time! Our friend who is progressign towards baptism. She got sick saturday and we called her to remind her about church (she`d never been before) and she said she couldn`t come because she got really sick. But the next morning when my companion and I were about to get on our bikes to go to the Missionary meeting with the ward before church she gave us a call and said "I want to try to go to church today!"...I was so excited! I guess that night when she prayed she told God that if her fever was back to normal in the morning she promised she would try to go to church. Then she woke up the next morning and it was back to normal, so she called us and came to church and talked about how she turned down some wrong streets but was guided to church! It was amazing! We got to meet with her for a little bit after church too and helped her realize all the answers she`s getting to prayers and she knows that God is answering her prayers. It was such a good experience! God without a doubt answers our prayers when we pray with real intent to act. 

I can`t even begin to tell you how much I love being a missionary :) This last week was one of those times I just never wanted it to end. I want to do this forever! Even during the hard times I just had this inner drive saying that the Lord just needs a little more time to help someone get prepared or good things were just down the road. It`s a lot easier as well when your companion is as wonderful as mine.
He`s so funny! He`s otaku (a nerd about gaming) and did engineering at college (so his explanations are all from a logical and mathmatical standpoint), but he`s a really hard worker witha lot of faith and we`re seeing miracles everyday. Dendo is fun with him :) Even when no one will talk to you at any doors or on the street for 5 hours straight haha. What a great life :) 
I really have a better standpoint of all the missionaries in the Book of Mormon now. When there`s only one verse about them suffering a few trials and being rejected by the people I have a new view and feelings to go along with those words. The missionaries in the scriptures were Beasts :P haha.

Alright, now for some commentary on the email.

Wow, It looks like both of you had a really busy week! Even when it`s busy though and you want rest, I`ve realized the times when I`m most happy is when I feel productive. Resting is very nice and we need it, but even when I retire someday I want to be very involved in something. I want to keep growing! I`m just breaking the surface of all the potential God has given me! ;P haha. It`s really amazing how fast growth can come too :) fun stuff.

The temple sounds like such a cool experience! I really really really really really want to go inside! Always have. We should go as a family when I get back! That would make me very happy :) I do remember how the front looks and the baptismal font so I`m excited to see the changes.

Wow. I think the BYU jokes about all my friends being married by the time I get back has changed. They`re all going to be on missions! With this new announcement I think that the missionaries in the world with multiply by so much. There are going to be so many more young women serving missions and young men not having to worry about college and what not right after high school. I`m so excited for the time when the Sapporo mission goes from 70 people to like 200 or something! That would be so cool!

Dalton got his Eagle! Congratulate him for me please! The eagle is a sign to me that people can accomplish their goals if they try.

It`s fun when you send words to me and I recognize the Kanji so the word makes sense dad :) I love Japanese. I`m much more comfortable now with it and I`m extremely excited to see how much you remember at Christmas! ;P haha. Start practicing so we can talk some! Before the mission I thought it would be cool if I got called to Japan so I could speak to you in a different language after haha. Now I`m realizing that it`s not that mysterious. Languages are just made up ways of expressing our thoughts to people. It was all created by man. Interesting stuff.

Thank you so much for sharing that experience about your dad with me. I`m praying for him :) That must have been a great experience. 
President Rose is being released? Let me know who is the new stake president when you find out!
 I`m loving it out here.this experience is not worth giving up even if you had a life time supply of the most delicious juice boxes in the world :P This is worth more than anything the world could give. I`m loving it so much and I know that the Lord wants them to receive all the blessings that comes from it too. 

Well I better get going. Off to clean the apartment and talk to a friend about the Gospel of Christ :) Talk to you later! Love you! 

Bye Bye!

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