Monday, October 15, 2012

It can be hard to be bold sometimes, but when we speak with confidence people see that.

I`m not very skilled in the ways of letter sending (ask any of my friends at home who`ve sent me letters haha).
 As for questions:
Best meal?: Lucky Pierrot. We went there and got burgers and shakes between conference. We go there a lot actually haha.
Funniest thing?: The other Elder in our apartment got a  green being around him and japanese people is really funny haha. He says silly things and he`s way funny :) He`s a great missionary with a lot of faith too. It makes me look back on when I was a bean haha. Fun times.
Church?...aka conference: WAS SO AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Conference is like enlightenment and repentance central. I loved every minute.
Coolest sight?:...I`m not sure new companion sleeping with pluto pillow kana (I wonder)?

Eat poop and smile everyday???...that is probably one of the most hilariously strange things I`ve ever seen haha. I love it! Thank you dad! 
‘Eat Poop and Smile Every Day’ with Cow Poop Shaped Chocolate Mochi Cookies

Thanks Japan!

Anyway, Thank you for the missionary story mom! You`re example has been such a strength in my life. It can be hard to be bold sometimes, but when we speak with confidence people see that. I actually had an experience with that yesterday.
We went to a man`s house that we visited a while back and he talked a lot...I`ve never met a man that talks so much in my life. I asked him for one minute mid sentence and he said `oh...ok!` and I said like 10 words and he blasted off again haha. Then I said `that was like 10 seconds!` and he said...oh...right. douzo (go on). So then I told him we had a message for him and he said to come back. So my new companion and I (I`ll tell in a minute :)) visited him and he immediately invited us in his house and talked...a lot haha. But we started telling him more about us and about how God has a message for him and a lot of fundamental easy doctrine and he told us at the end that he felt like talking with us he had his heart cleaned (and did this funny like scrubbing action around his chest haha) and that he felt like he had something he needed to learn from us. He turned to me and told me though that the reason He knew we werent lying is because I never broke eye contact when I spoke. He said that if I was lying I would look away. I thought that was really interesting. he was such a funny old man! haha. I`m excited to go back and visit him. 
So that`s my story for the week :) and I bet you were a great missionary mom! That`s why you`re so blessed now ;) Plus it`s not about the success in numbers, but how dedicated we were and how much we chose to grow. Plus a lot more I`m still learning. 

Any advice for what I should learn here? Or the biggest thing you learned here? or top 5 :D haha

And as for the other news...I have a new companion!!!!!! He was the recorder (computer guy in the honbu) for the last 4 transfers. He`s so ready to be out and dendoing and has a ton of faith, so we`ve already seen and are going to see a lot of miracles this transfer :) I`m so grateful he`s my companion :) 
I`m so blessed to be in such a nice area of the world.
And everyone is going on missions! AAAHHHH!!!!!!!!! That`s so exciting! Tell them it`s the best thing in the world and gets better and better all the time!!!!!!!!! I really don`t even want to leave. I love the opportunity I have to be out here everyday helping others and sanding the grit on the inside of my temple. I`ve been making renovation plans to replace a few stain glass windows :P I loved all the talks in conference :) 

Thanks for the articles dad! I don`t really know how to distinguish between Japanese people and Ainu(native Indian type in Japan) so I know very little about them but I always wondered.
Also, the poop thing...haha. Loved it. Thank you for being such a goof ball and teaching me how to have fun and work hard!
As for the weather this winter(suppose to be the coldest in history) in Hokkaido...a little worried, but excited too haha. I`ve yet to experience the snow here. It is getting colder though.
I`m sorry work is busy. While I was watching conference though one talk stuck out to me and made me think of you. I think it was elder Eyrings but I cant remember because I left my journal at the apartment haha. But it talked about praying about Job offers and staying at BYU instead of getting a new job. It made me think of your choices and how great a disciple of Christ you are. It makes me think of what missionaries are told in the PMG. "You have been suffered to come here for the salvation of souls" God is allowing you to continue to bless the lives of youth all over the Treasure valley and farther. I could see that very plainly when I was working with you at camp. The Lord needs you there for now. Thank you for trusting in His will and being a loving, faithful example to me. 

Well, I better get going,
Ask  “???”  if she(they) heard that in conference the age for young women to serve missions was lower :P haha. I don`t know if she`s(they’ve) ever thought about a mission, but if she(they) do(es), tell her(them) she(they) won`t regret it and I recommend it above anything else in the world. Even 14 delicious juice boxes (you know the kind you get as kids in your lunch boxes :) haha
I love you all so much!
Talk to you next week!

Bye Bye!

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