Monday, October 29, 2012

receiving blessing from the Lord, prayers are being answered and recognizing it all! The gospel, a beautiful thing.

Hello Family!

I`m sorry your sick mother! I hope you get better soon! I`m a little sick too but getting better :) Just a cold. 
That`s so exciting that Brother Scoggins is the new President! He was my Trek Pa when I was 12 :) Say hello to him for me and let him know that he`s in my prayers! All of the people you stated are really good men (I can`t remember who Brother Bates is, but I`m sure he`s great :P) haha. Brother Christensen`s son is a good friend of mine and I think he`s in Bulgaria rightnow on a mission! His sister was in the MTC with me and is now in Denmark :) I hope they`re doing well! 
I can`t help but imagine what responsibilities the Lord has in store for you in your future though dad. I guess we`re preparing everyday for those things ne (Japanese ne) :)

I`m extremely weirded out right now. I remember getting my emails at the beginning of the mission and there were a bunch of announcements of my guy friends getting their mission calls, but now I`m getting this influx of the girls too! It`s so cool that everyone is leaving off on a mission! The work is really going to hasten :) 

So I think I`ll start with the questions and then tell a story. I don`t have a lot of time today because of an online assessment about Preach My Gospel that I had to take.

I did get the Halloween stuff! Thank you soooooooooooo much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I`ll admit it was pretty hard to share the Captain Crunch with everyone, but I figured it would be sabishii (lonely) eating it all by my lonesome. It also helped me give my new companion one of the best snacks he`shad in a long time :P I love captain crunch}!!!!!!!!! Thank you so much mother! I love you!
I`m not sure how long it takes packages...1 0r 2 weeks kana (I wonder)? From the mission office it usually takes no longer than a week It`s pretty quick (maybe even 3 days). 
I`m not sure when the Christmas package would need to be sent. I`m very nigate (not good) when it comes to sending things in the mail. I`m going to try to figure it out one of these days haha.

So for my week now. It was great! Our friend is really progressing with the gospel. Everytime we call her she`s at a new part in the Book of Mormon and has plenty of questions that lead into the lessons we want to teach. She has a 7 year old daughter that turns 8 in february (can`t remember how to spell that haha) that she wants to receive the blessings of baptism too :) She`ll hopefully be baptized on the 10th of November :D So very excited. She`s really receiving blessing from the Lord and her prayers are being answered and she`s recognizing it all :) What a beautiful thing the gospel :)
Now for my story! So yesterday was Steak Conference in Sapporo and Hakodate is a part of the Sapporo Nishi Stake, so we were supposed to take a bus at 3 AM from the church to Sapporo yesterday (5 hour trip). We set 3 alarms the night before for 1:30...But no one Woke Up!!!!!!! We got up at 3:15 and ran and got our suits on and ran out the door while calling some people from the ward and took off running to the church! We got there at 3:30 and luckily they had been waiting for us but they were just about to leave without us.We made it by the skin of our teeth (which is slightly odd because teeth don`t really have skin...anyways :P) haha. then we rode for 5 hours and had conference for 2 hours and rode back another 5 hours...we were so tired and I thought I was going to die just sitting there for 12 hours haha. I haven`t just sat and done nothing for a really long time. But it was a fun adventure and I talked with the bishops wife and a convert from a year ago for a long time (Bishops wife is crazy good at english). We talked a lot about Japanese questions and she tried to have me teach her son english haha. She was a missionary a long time ago and her husband was too. What a wonderful family and ward! I love it here :)

Well, I guess that`s about all! I`ll talk to you again next week! I love you sooooooooooooo much!

Bye Bye!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

P.S. I put a lot of smiley faces so that you know I`m happy...:D Because I`m very happy here haha. I love being a missionary!!!!!!!!!!! :DDDDDDDD haha. See you! 
P.S.S. I`ll try to get pictures on next week!

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