Monday, April 15, 2013

God made us all individual. Respect and Accept others.

ONe of my companions is actually from Saitama Ken, so I asked him about the train stuff. Thanks for the article!
That sounds interesting! I`ll be praying for you!
District meeting was fun! There are 2 companionships in my district (5 people total). The ZL`s are one companionship and my group is the other 3. Everyone is really great :) And I have another one tomorrow, so we`ll see how that goes!
Being in companionships is a great learning experience. There are times when I get a little frustrated in my mind because I feel like my opinion isn`t being respected or something like that, but it`s all a great learning experience. And there are miracles everyday! Just breathing is a miracle :)
You sound pretty busy! Get enough rest! Eat well, etc!
Thank you for the thoughts Mother! I really did love the forgiveness one as well. I didn`t realize that it could be so hard either haha. When you live with someone and have to work with them everyday, it can be hard to love 100% when you feel they`ve wronged you. Forgiveness really does set you free :) I need to pray for it more :)
I really liked the conference talk by Dieter F. Uctdorf in Priesthood meeting. He said that we sometimes take personality differences as sin, but that is not right. God made us all individual. Respect and Accept others. It was a big answer to a question I wanted answered.
I hope Grandma Morgan does ok. I`ll be praying for her.
 Lots of change lately ne! :) I think change is a really good thing. Without it we could become very unhappy. Thats what`s nice about the gospel of Jesus Christ. We can continue to change and grow. We`re not doomed to be flawed and mortal forever. How happy =D
Well, for a quick story...we met with an old member this week who has joined another religion and it claims to be able to heal people with light from their hands. It`s called Mahikari. She has a follower that she wants us to teach for some reason, and so with help from the bishop we`re going to look further into this. It`s a really weird thing, but I know that the Lord will guide us as we ask for help.
He guided our thoughts when we first met with them to ask them about their beliefs from the Baptismal interview questions. It helped us find out just what faith they have and are lacking and how to proceed more from this point. I felt very guided at that time.
I`ve never read anyone the baptismal questions in the first meeting haha. Very interesting.
Well, that`s all for now! Talk to you next week!
I love you!
Bye Bye!!!

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