Monday, April 8, 2013

there was a light about everyone as we talked about the Atonement and the joys of the gospel.

We watch general conference on a DVD the week after you guys so we get to see it this weekend! I`m very excited. We taught a great lesson and watched a conference video at church yesterday (we teach the gospel principles class). I think a lot of our investigators may come to a little bit of conference :]
What! Will you lose your job if the Boy Scout thing is passed? I`ll be very careful not to spend to much money then.
I did hear about that article. Pretty touching story. It was a really bad storm! We were walking up the Mountain when it got pretty bad. We got to an investigators house, taught him, and then a member was kind enough to pick us up and take us out to Western (a tabehoudai (all you can eat) yakiniku restaurant). 

That story with the kids sounds pretty crazy haha. Trying to remember all the names and put faces to them was pretty hard on my head. I understand what my investigators feel when they read the Book of Mormon and get funny names like Nephi, Lehi, Ishmael, Saraiah, Laman, Laban, Lemuel. I`m having trouble keep track of all of the kids and their names! I`m excited to actually see them in person!

Monica Johnson is coming to Sapporo!!! Yatta!!! That`s so exciting! 
Elder Spencer Lee is with another missionary training him and I haven`t seen him yet, but I know he will be doing great :) 

So as for my week...pretty exciting stuff =D First of all, I went to an Onsen on monday with two ward members! It was really weird at first but you get used to it after a while. We were sitting in the steam sauna and a man, in english, asked if he could talk to me. so we talked in english for a bit and then he left haha. It was really interesting :P I enjoyed it though.
Then we had transfers! Elder Nielson and I are both staying in Kitami, but we became a 三人 (sannin--3 person companionship)!. A Japanese Elder named Elder Inoue came up to Kitami! It`s a lot of fun, but very interesting living in our small apartment with 3 Elders. Kaicho also said that it may become a 4 man apartment pretty soon here! The missionary numbers are increasing, so there is a lot of change in the mission.
Also, I became District Leader! I have my first District Training Meeting tomorrow and I`m excited =D This will be my 4th transfer in Kitami and I`m very excited :) The Lord is truly blessing us with a lot of miracles and tests and trials up here :)
There was also an incident this week where a ward member passed away. We were able to go to a viewing and gather with the ward, and it was really touching. It was a sad occasion, but there was a light about everyone as we talked about the Atonement and the joys of the gospel. Even the family was pretty 元気 Genki (happy). It was a really great meeting for everyone who attended.

Thank you so much for writing me every week :) It really doesn`t matter what message you send or what things you write, just the fact that I get to hear from my dear mother and father makes me the happiest little elder in the world =D It`s always uplifting to hear from you, even when things don`t seem like they`re going as good as they should. The Lord knows who we are, and what we need to grow. We can trust in Him through anything :)

Thanks again for everything!
I love you!
Bye Bye!!!

Mitch :)

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