Monday, April 1, 2013

God truly knows our circumstances

Thank you so much dad! I`ve heard that word so much and I know it`s meaning and when and how to use it but I`ve never been able to come up with a good translation in english! haha! Thank you so much! Another word that I would say now that I figured it out is "Yosh." Yosh :) My last companion said Yoisho all the time haha. When he got up from the couch or sat down to eat or when we finished planning haha. I told him he was going to make a good Ojiichan (grandpa) someday. Wow...and the mystery is solved :)
I`m sorry to hear about Troy. It was really inspirational to hear about how faithful he was and how long he was able to live. Ikaseta (he was allowed to live by God). I`m glad you`re having fun making quilts and stuff! I actually want to re-learn how to crouche (I can`t spell anymore :P) eventually. 

It`s fun to hear about everything going on back home :) I actually got a few emails from friends at home and they were fun to write back to. I think I will end up writing my friends through mail because letters can be really hard sometimes haha. I`ve had a lot of guilt about not writing people back lately haha. So this is perfect!
One of my friends emails actually told me that she was getting married :P Lots of new things are happening in the world. It`s all unfolding before young little Elder Sotto! :P 

Thanks so much for the postings of the pictures too. I bet Andrew and James and Justin would get a kick out of that :) 
I don`t have much more time to write because I`m actually going to...drum role Onsen today! I`m going with two members and possibly my convert. He`s a little hazukashii (embarrassed) when it comes to Onsens :P We got permission from the mission president, so we`ll be going tonight around 6 :) 

As for this week, it was a great week and I`m constantly amazed at the blessings of the Lord in our lives. We have been getting really low on rice lately (which is vital for a meal in Japan) and when we went to church, two members just decided they wanted to bring some rice to give to the missionaries...God truly knows our circumstances and I`m so grateful to be in a ward where the people recognize the promptings of the Spirit and are striving to be Christlike in all that they do :) This truly is a great ward up here in Kitami :) 
it was the last week of this transfer and so we get our calls tomorrow! I`m way excited to see what happens :) Elder Spencer Lee is coming to this mission tomorrow as well, so I`m very very very excited!!! =D 
Well, that`s all for now! Thanks for all that you do for me always!
I love you forever!!! =D haha
Talk to you next week :)
Elder Mitchell Perry Sotto

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