Thursday, May 9, 2013

I also am realizing the importance of a sense of humor more and more. smile and file...good phrase.

Dear Father, smile and file...good phrase :P It`s very interesting how a sense of humor can change on a mission. You end up picking up a lot of things from your companions and learning to deal with a lot of things you didn`t like before. I feel like I`m definitely changing. I also am realizing the importance of a sense of humor more and more.
Collotte sent me an email a while ago telling me how grateful she is her husband has a sense of humor. He was playing with Aaron I guess and there was some sort of fun playing going on and they ended up Saying the letters in ICUP and had a good laugh together. I remember doing that at a very young age :P I`m defintely learning alot about how to work with different personalities. Thanks for the letter :)
Dear Mother and Father,
The Camp out sounds like so much fun! I would love to be at a place with that much meat! :P I really love meat, but since I`ve come on a missionary, I`ve slowly moved to enjoying vegetables even more than meat sometimes. There has to be more vegetables in our meals than meat or else it`s not quite up to par ;) Crazy desho! I never thought it would come to that :P
Well, a little bit about my week.
This week we went to Abashiri on Splits and got to go see the ocean. It`s about a 2 minute walk from the apartment there. It was still cold and snowing the day before, but there were no ice bergs. It was a beautiful train ride up there though. There were a ton of lillies blooming by the side of the lake on the way.
We also got to go do some service digging up and weeding a member`s garden with him! It was so much fun! Way Natsukashii (brought back memories). We found lots of worms and dirt and guess what else!...Potatoes!!! There were quite a few of them =D They made lots of little jokes about Idaho as well :) This member is in a Reigei (Rege?) Band and is such a fun Brother :) He actually has church Rege songs that he made and he gave us a CD. "Kansha suru Rege" (thankful Rege) and "Bye Bye Babylon" haha. It`s way fun to listen to :)
We did a ping pong sports night on Saturday night as well, and a young man that hasn`t been coming to church for 3 months came and then came to church the next day! It was great fun :)
Then finally, today we are going to the Pearson Museum and Mint Museum here in Kitami with some ward members and that same youth that came back to church the other day. After that we will go eat Jingisukan (Genghis Khan)...It`s really famous meat in Hokkaido, Especially Kitami, for a member`s birthday :) I`m so excited! Literally everyone in Hokkaido knows Jingiskan. I don`t know why it`s named after a famous Mongolian guy :P
It`s been a pretty good week :) Other than that, Mothers day is coming up this weekend! Yay!!! I`ll send some information about calling me, but I`m not sure how it`s going to work out. WE have transfers on Saturday this week, so the number I give you now could be different than the one I have on sunday...but I`ll figure it out with the Honbu...actually I just got a call from the Recorder sama (honorific title) in the honbu (mission office) and he told me that you would get an email before the phone call if I do end up stay tuned! I`ll send you the stuff shortly.
Ok, I love you!
Have a great week and a fantastiballisticness Birthday Dad!
Elder Sotto

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