Monday, May 13, 2013

It was so fun to talk to you yesterday!

It was so fun to talk to you yesterday! I really am very excited for this transfer :)
I'm at the Honbu right now emailing for the first time in a year and it's way hisashiburi! (long time no see)

Well that was short. It is because we just talked on the phone yesterday. It was great to hear his voice. His English is faltering a little. He just moved to an area right next to the one he trained in over a year ago. It is an area in Sapporo. He is very excited to be there. He has a companion from Okinawa. Mitchell lived there when he was 2-4yrs. old. There are also 2 other Japanese Missionaries in the apartment. One of them lived in San Francisco for a while. They still don't spend any time speaking English. He has responsibility over more missionaries this time so that will keep him busier. He is very excited to meet up with all the people he use to know and teach. More to come next week..............

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