Tuesday, May 28, 2013

she accidently said "Hot" Choro instead of "Sotto" Choro

Dear family...Hello!!!
I can't believe how fast everything is going! This transfer is going great. My companion is wonderful and we're seeing a lot of miracles everyday.
For example, we met a really nice high school kid on the street who loves classical music and came to our music concert and brought a friend! Great kid :)
The Concert went great :) We got so sing a lot of great songs and it all turned out really good. It should become a CD so I'll send it home when it gets made!
It's great to hear about everything at home! I always loved going to visit the graves. I actually went up to Veterens Memorial Park before I went up to camp the summer before i went to college and I met a nice lady that turned out to be related to Sam Robison (his older sister's husbands mom). I just felt like I should talk to her and it turned out to be a really great conversation :) I did see a temple on the grave she was at, so I had a lot more courage when I talked to her. I really loved seeing all the family at the graves though. I didn't really try to get to know anyone until right before i left on my mission though! That's one thing I feel bad about. I plan on being a lot more social when I get back :)
It's interesting to hear about the Jehovah's witness thing. I didn't know that. We met a man on the street who was that religion the other day and he wasn't very nice. We meet Sokagakai (SGI) people a lot too. Those are the really big proselyting religions in the world right now it seems. It can be pretty interesting when we meet them. They're either really nice or really mean haha. But they are very nesshin (passionate) about what they do.
I'm excited to hear about camp too! I'm sure I'll be heading up there again when I get back.
Well as for this week, here is an awkward experience!
At church in sunday school the teacher asked me to say the prayer but she accidently said "Hot" Choro instead of "Sotto" Choro :P Our mission mom, Evans Shimai, was there too. Awkward haha.
Then after church one of the members came up to me and said, "One of my companions on my mission was really tall like you and he was a model before his mission. Have you modeled? You should  be like him and go to model in Italy after your mission..." haha. The people at church are so funny :P
Actaully! There is an american guy in our ward named Cameron who served in Hawaii on his mission. So I complimented him on his tie because in one light it is blue and in another it is black. Really cool tie. Then he said, "Ya this is from a companion from the mission." Then he showed me the name and it said Elder Carr...Then I said, "What?...Elder Carr? Cary Carr?" He said, "Yes! How do you know him?" It was so cool!
Ok, well I'm going to head off...wait...I thought I saw something that said Shandra Henly is getting married...WHAT!? Crazy crazy crazy...I got a wedding picture of a friend the other day. It wasnt my friend that got married, but it sure is that time in people's lives. Wierd.
Ok, now I'll go. No wait! My friend Elder Spencer Lee apparently met Sister Felicity Cribbs in the Health office at the MTC and they found out that they both knew me! haha. It was fun to hear that story :)
Ok for reals now. I'll get off so others can used the computer. But I love you!
Bye Bye!!!
Elder Sotto

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sakamo yuichi said...

Hi Elder Michell !!!
Do you remember me ???^ ^
My name is Yuichi Sakamoto .
Thank you today at Eikaiwa ..
I'm glad to meet you !!!
You are so fun cool and smart ( ´ ▽ ` )οΎ‰
I wanted to go to the your concert...(。-_-。)
I hope I want to see you again someday somewhere.
I'll see you when I see you !!
Please Let's keep in touch and find me on FB .
Dendou ganbatte kudasai !!!
Have a greatful day !!! Goooood luck !!!!