Wednesday, November 20, 2013

I can't blame them, it is catchy music!

Christmas! Christmas!!! I'm so excited!!!!
I go into stores here in Japan and hear Christmas music about Christ and his Divinity and I have to laugh a little because hardly anyone believes or understands in Christ. But I can't blame them, it is catchy music!

Things just keep changing don't they! It never stops. But that's a good thing :) I'm excited to see everything back at home!
Thanks for the insights dad. It's so true. I've found that most of my problems come from my lack of patience or my pride...or both.

I saw a picture of Kellie and her family standing in front of the tree and I remembered the good times we had too :) I want to go back!
Actually, Natalie was huge in the picture I saw! I was so surprised! I can't believe it! 

Christmas...Christmas...Dou Shiyou (what do I do...)? I don't know what I want! But I'll think about it for next week and tell you if I have anything then!
On the other hand, what do all the kids and everyone (including you Mom and Dad!) want for Christmas? Anything from Japan? I'm terrible at spending money so I don't really buy anything! But if anyone want's anything Japanesey let me know!

Thanks for telling me all about your week! Now for mine!

So this week!

We ate Indian Curry again! It's probably one of my favorite foods. I love Nan! (the giant Indian bread).

Also...Well I'm a little embarrassed, but I went to the Pokemon Center in Sapporo with my companion :P But it was fun!
We have practice every Sunday for the Messiah Concert we're doing the 28th of December. So I've been singing in a chanto shita (...real?) Choir! Its fun :) 

And dealing with Dendo, we found some really cool people this week. We were helping a member that recently returned to church move and we got a call from someone we met on the street saying he wanted to hear a little bit of our message that we said OK! And he brought his friend! He is pretty passionate about his Buddhist beliefs as well, but he heard us out a little.

We were also able to be guided to a less active member that had a really bad day and be there at just the right time to talk to her and let her know that she is loved by her Heavenly Father. It amazes me how we are guided to the people we should talk to at just the right time. We felt like we should give her a visit that day and it just happened to be the perfect timing! Coincidence? I think not ;)

Well, that's about all. I'll talk to you next week! 
Love you!

Elder Sotto

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