Tuesday, November 12, 2013

I'm learning lots of new words that the(american) kids say now a days ;)

I've seen the hand of the Lord in my life so much lately. Our investigator actually got baptized and confirmed Saturday and Sunday! It's amazing to me how our actions don't change too much but people who are prepared and hear God's call make the whole teaching atmosphere different. We teach the same things but when people accept the Spirit really comes.
No Hawaii!!! Ok :) I'm not surprised actually. I feel like Idaho is a place that needs you dad. It's hard to explain, but I think of the leaders of our mission and other leaders and 70's and our mission president and I picture my dad as very similar. I feel like you are a leader where you are standing right now. I don't know what plans God has for the future but I see you being a leader in the area that you are. I don't know how that makes you feel, but it's just a thought I had. P.S. I tell lots of friends about you going from the military to the boy scouts and why and your cool stories and everyone thinks my dad is awesome and they want to meet him :P haha. 
And I love Idaho! So I'm happy either way :)
Thank you for your advice dad! I actually thought about that when I became a DL. But I thought about all the experiences you've had (going from District President to other positions and now bishop) and I thought it must be similar. I've seen it happen with members of the 70 here becoming mission presidents or something else. I also know a man that was in 7 mission presidencies and is now a Deacon's quorum leader. I have so many good examples in my life and I'm so excited to be a District Leader. It's a completely different feel especially since I'm working with a very inexperienced Elder, but I have so much respect for those who have the same experiences. 
I never realized how powerful experience is. Those who have experience are amazing people in my mind. I would say that you are one of the greatest examples I have dad :) Mom and my sisters choosing to put aside their other dreams and become mothers is amazing to me as well. The people in my family are truly leaders and amazing in my eyes. I can't really express my feelings on this, but I want my family to know that I love and respect you more than anyone I know. I love you =D
Some of the best advice I heard from another respected missionary friend of mine is "Always picture yourself at your 10th transfer (the middle of your mission). You're not rushed for time and you're not new."

We heard a talk from two members of the 70 recently in a Stake Conference and it was so cool watching them switch off teaching and working together. It made me think of my workshops as a Zone Leader. I'm excited to help the church in the future as well!
So fun things this week:
We worked at the church helping the construction workers take apart big cargo boxes in the snow and mud for 2 hours! Way fun :)
We had a baptism! And we're going to continue to find more people who want to :)
And my companion is awesome! He says the funniest things ever! I don't understand his english most of the time but I'm learning lots of new words that the kids say now a days ;)

And that's about all for this week! Talk to you soon!
P.S. It's snowing...happy face :)

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