Thursday, February 27, 2014

Leaving Hakodate and Hokkaido will be like leaving my home.

Dear Mom and Dad,
Wow...lots of fun stuff ahead! I`ll answer your questions first off.
I would love to have an open house party like thing! I think Sunday after church might be the best idea. I would be fine with Saturday if that works best for you though (friends open house confirmed for Sat Mar8 @ 2-4, everyone welcome to drop in fr MOM). I would like it if there was two maybe. One specifically for family(fam. dinner Sun Mar 9@5pm fr MOM) and the other for anyone (friends, family, etc.see above fr MOM). I also have some other things I`d like to do that I will list now. I hope it doesn`t cause too much stress for you!
I got a letter that said I should be released right when I get home (maybe a couple hours after). That same day would be the best. Could you schedule that with the Stake President?
I would like to go in and get a renewed drivers license as soon as possible (within a week if possible).
I think it`s a good idea to speak on the 9th right after I get back.(He WILL speak Mar 9 @  Bergeson BLDG @9am, frMOM)
I would like you to invite anyone and everyone who can come to my homecoming talk! It will be great missionary work! Please put that I will be speaking on facebook!
I would also like to go to the Boise temple as soon as possible (within a week if possible)...maybe on Saturday morning or something.
All the other stuff I think will be fine if we plan it when we get back. If you have anything else please let me know!
And now I`ll tell you a little bit about my week :)
It was great as always! I`ll be going up to Sapporo for the Music Fireside this saturday, so yesterday was my last day in the Hakodate ward! They let me have a 10 minute talk and it felt like my farewell talk when I left on my mission. Leaving Hakodate and Hokkaido will be like leaving my home. I truly love this place and this people and this land. This has become sacred ground for me. The Stake Presidency also came down and spoke. The President and first counciler were both in one of my previous wards and they are wonderful friends and said great things to me. I love this Sapporo-West Stake and want to help it grow for the rest of my life! I know I need to go back home though. Very bittersweet, but the sweet greatly outweighs the bitter :)
I`ll be back in my last ward in Sapporo for my last Sunday and get to testify there. I`m very excited :)
It`s amazing that I came to this land not knowing anyone, and I`m going to leave having many life long friends and memories that I will never forget. What a blessing it has been to be a servant of the Lord in this land of Hokkaido, Japan :) I`m excited to continue a different phase of my journey in life as well! So I`ll see you back home soon!
That`s all I can think to say this week. Thank you so much for you love and help and prayers! I love you soooooooooooooooooooo much!!!!!!
Have a great week!
Elder Mitchell Perry Sotto

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