Wednesday, February 12, 2014

--wash your hands,, drink lots of water, and don`t do stupid things

Ahh!!! 2 years has already passed! That`s crazy! I`m lucky I get to be out for 25 months though :) Ya!
Thanks for the travel information! I can understand that it could be distracting, but I think I`ll be fine :) I`m happy living here in Japan and I`m sure I`ll be happy when I get home as well, but I`m not going to let myself get distracted from the work of the Lord! I`ve only got a little time left and I`ve got to work my hardest everyday! But of course in a diligent manner :) I don`t want to be sick for a year like dad was. Although I might sleep for the first 3 days I`m back :P I`m excited to see you all again though!
I`m sorry you got food poisening! I guess that is one way to loose weight though! I think I`ve lost about 10-15 pounds on my mission...that`s not good :P But I`m eating a lot! It`s just that everyday is excercise. But I`m in good shape! That`s a plus :)
I got the package! sort of. It arrived at the Hakodate Sisters apartment I guess so I`ll get it today from them hopefully :)
So this week we got to go up to Sapporo for the Yuki Matsuri (Snow Festival)! It was amazing as always :) I`m so lucky to be in Hokkaido :) I hope to be able to come back sometime too!
The next day we had a Zone Conference and heard workshops from the Mental and Physical Health officers for the North Asia area. Mental Health is always very interesting to me while physical health is like a repeat of stuff we`ve learned since 3rd grade--wash your hands, eat good food, drink lots of water, excercise, and don`t do stupid things :P It was all good to hear again though :)
We also have a baptism coming up this next Saturday (it`s my previous convert`s daughter). I`m so excited! But it`s going to be crazy! She wants to be baptized on her birthday (Feb. 15th) but we have a Music Fireside in Sapporo that the plan right now is that we will do the baptism Saturday the 15th in the morning at 8:30 and then the members will drive us to the train station after that to catch a train to Sapporo at 10:30. We will be on the train for about 3 and a half hours and then we`ll arrive in Sapporo and start practicing music immediately until the concert at 6:30. It`ll be crazy but it should work out ok :)
I feel so incredibly blessed to be back in Hakodate though. The Lord has given me so many blessings and helped me to be a part of this great work in so many different ways, times and places. I have never been happier in my life! I`m so excited for all the adventures that lie ahead of me as well :)
I`m excited to come home and see you all, but until then I`ll pray for you and work my hardest here in this part of the vinyard that the Lord has entrusted to me. This is his work and I know that it will go according to His will. We are so lucky to be a part of this work :) I`m excited for the work I can do at home as well :)
Alright, well, I`ll talk to you later! Love you! Bye!!!
Elder Mitchell Perry Sotto

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