Monday, February 10, 2014

The song of the righteous really is a prayer unto God that brings the Spirit (D&C 25:12).

I hear that the world is pretty crazy right now, but I`m glad I still don`t have to think about it for a little while. Every once and a while you hear about things happening to America from people you meet on the street and then you can tell them that you know nothing at the moment about what`s going on! They are always surprised when we tell them we don`t watch TV or use computers or radio :)
Well I`ll tell you a little about my week now!
 This week we had several good things.
My companion slipped on the ice the other day! That in and of itself wasn`t that great, but because he slipped we took some time to wipe the snow off of him and while we were doing that a car pulled up in front of us to park but it got stuck in the snow so we ran to help and push it! Then afterwards my companion said "It`s a good thing I slipped or else we never would`ve been able to help that lady!" I love my companion! He`s so positive all the time! He`s a good old Idaho-an.
We were also able to meet another nice lady one night while we were walking home! She was out picking ice off her driveway so we went up and said "Can we help you out?" Most japanese people when you ask them just say "no no no! I`m old and this is my excercise!" but she said "Really?...Yes I would love your help!" So we picked her driveway, made an appointment to come back with the sister missionaries and went back and it turns out she`s willing to listen to the message! We have another meeting with her today.
We were able to sing some hymns with her while we were there too. She loves hymns!
That`s another great thing I`ve noticed this week. Music really brings the Spirit :) Singing with that nice lady and then singing last night at a member`s house I really felt the Spirit. The song of the righteous really is a prayer unto God that brings the Spirit (D&C 25:12).
We also had a Tacoyaki (cooked octopus) party at another investigators house. It was delicious!
And we met a less active member that is def the other day. We couldn`t talk to him at all the first time we went so I pulled out my planner (schedule) and pointed to a day and time when we wanted to come back and he put his thumb up. We went back prepared to communicate with him the next time. We brought a carry around white board and marker and eraser and talked to him through that. It was really interesting having such a silent conversation and telling someone that God loves them by writing it on a white board and smiling at them with my hand over my heart. Good experience =) We`re going  back with a member that can do some sign language on tuesday.
That`s all that I can remember for this week. By the way, if you could send that information about when I leave the Narita airport and stuff I would be very grateful! Just when you have time! I need to let that friend in Tokyo know if he can meet me there before I go.
Thank you so much! I love you and I pray for you! Keep hanging in their with work and life!
Talk to you next week!
Love your Son,
Elder Mitchell Perry Sotto

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